Getting to know the people behind Bohemian Skin- 100% natural skincare for the health and wellness conscious.

While you all know the story behind Bohemian Skin and how the brand was born I thought I would tell you all a little bit more about myself and my family.
As you know, my name is Morgan and I started Bohemian Skin with my husband Keenan prior to the birth of our gorgeous son Jagger.
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We reside in the beautiful city of Brisbane and are avid lovers of health, fitness, travel and trashy reality TV.. Since meeting at the Normanby (a pub that does a great Sunday session from those of you who aren't from Brisbane), Keenan and I have been inseparable. We bought our first home together in 2012 along with a puppy named Arnold. We married in October of 2014 at Cloudland which was where Keenan proposed almost 18 months prior and fell pregnant and subsequently had Jagger at the end of 2015.

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Keenan is a paramedic by trade and currently works in health and safety. I have qualifications in communication and used to be a flight attendant. I am currently on maternity leave from managing a travel agency and I run Bohemian Skin full time with Keenan. At this stage I am loving being a Mum and working in our business so I am torn as to whether or not to go back a couple of days a week to my management role in travel as travel is something I am extremely passionate about and adore. I have travelled to Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Bali and together Keenan and I have travelled to the UK, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Vanuatu and the USA.
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On our days off we enjoy spending time outdoors, particularly by the water at Sandgate and at South Bank, visiting museums and exhibitions, going to the markets, walking our dog and spending time with family and friends.
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I also enjoy baking, yoga, walking, reading, shopping, sewing and craft and Keenan loves the gym, riding his motorbike, movies and reading. We both love to live healthy and active lifestyles however both have major sweet tooth's and are suckers for Cold Rock and donuts!! Jagger is currently just over six months old and loves watching and playing with Arnold, his activity centre, apple, sweet potato, broccoli, dancing, books and music. He is so close to crawling and can sit unaided for a short while. He is very smiley and loves people- he is very social!
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I try to live a values focussed life which is why family, health and travel are paramount in our lives. Bohemian Skin reflects this and was born to support this and help others while meeting a gap in the skincare market.
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I hope this gives you all an insight into the people behind our beautiful 100% natural skincare products and I will be using this blog to update you on the day to day happenings of being a Mum and business owner as well as keeping you posted about new organic skincare products we release and everything health, pregnancy and skin related!

M x
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