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Great lightweight moisturiser

I use this as my daily moisturiser, particularly during the summer months as it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily!

Back To Basics Bundle
Sheridan Corless

Back To Basics Bundle

Actually Works!

I am 38 years old, I have always had great skin, never had a skincare routine other than a gentle cleanser and light moisturiser, and then I turned 35 and something changed drastically. I started getting severe hormonal breakouts along my jawline and onto my cheeks, the pores on my chin and nose enlarged and visible blackheads appeared and my skin was so dry and red constantly. I tried so many different products and they would work for a day or two then seem to make my symptoms so much worse. I have been using Bohemian gel cleanser, aha exfoliant, toner, hy c serum and moisturiser for 2 weeks now and the results are dramatic and amazing. My breakouts are minimal and my pores are smaller, my skin feels soft and hydrated and the redness is disappearing. So far I am so incredibly happy with the range! Thankyou so much!

Great Product

Highly recommend!

Love it

Decided to go the organic and natural route, this is my first skincare i have and I absolutely love it. Very light weight and feels amazing on my skin. I use it on my boyfriend too

Organic Gel Cleanser
Ashleigh Greenwood
Loving the cleanser!

I have been using the gel cleanser for several months now and am loving it. I am pregnant and it’s great to know I am using a product that is safe to use during this time!

Back To Basics Bundle

Impressive Range of Products

I’m so impressed with how beautiful these natural products are and how smooth my face feels after only 2 weeks. My skin is extremely sensitive and after trying each product on my face I am excited to find a new, effective and safe range. Absolutely love the cleanser (a little goes a long way with the Swipey) and the AHA exfoliant! The Toner and Hy C Serum are just what my skin needed in the current winter weather

AHA Enzyme Exfoliant
Paige Winder

LOVE!!! My skin loves bohemian skin care products. When I ran out last time I didn’t buy it for a while, and since I recently restocked it has been glowing again! Couldn’t recommend more if you have sensitive skin

The Power Couple
Caitlin Vella
Love this!!!

My skins has been so good since using the cleanser and moisturiser. Onto my third bottle! Absolutely love

My skin loooves them all

Hello, I just wanted to give feedback on your amazing products. I've been going through some hormonal changes which has caused a bit of a breakout. Since using the Back to Basics Bundle it has cleared it all up. I feel like my skin is squeaky clean and am so happy to have come across your products. thank you :)

My go-to cleanser!

Love this cleanser! I'm now on my fourth bottle! It's gentle, yet my skin feels so clean afterwards.


Have struggled to find a good natural skin care brand. These products have been SO amazing for my skin, has made my face look and feel the best it ever has. Better than any other product (natural or not)


Absolutely love the AHA Enzyme Exfoliant! It has made my skin feel incredible and I love that it’s all natural! Will definitely be purchasing more of the range!

Spot Assist Cream
steph kirkwood
Cleanser & moisturiser

This is my third cleanser and it is truly amazing and I tried the moisturiser for the first time and am in love! My skin have never looked and felt better

Back To Basics Bundle
Kristy Charnock
I’m a lover

I’ve been using this skincare range for over a year now & I love it. It’s so gentle on my skin & leaves me feeling hydrated, fresh & clean.
I look forward to my daily skincare routine & makes me feel instantly better.
Highly recommend

Back To Basics Bundle
Kristen Henderson

Back To Basics Bundle

AHA Enzyme Exfoliant and Gel Cleanser

Can’t leave a good enough review for bohemian skin, as someone who has extremely sensitive skin which reacts terribly to stripping ingredients in particular alcohol, bohemian doesn’t cause any reactions to my face. It leaves my face feeling so moisturised and soft it always clears my face up and I definitely notice if I go a couple weeks without it. Definitely a staple.

My go to

Ive been using the products daily for 18months. I love them. They rejuvenated my skin and have kept it looking amazing, even when hormones are going crazy. Best products

Facial Mask
Jacinta Bev
Best skin care product

Affordable and the best skin care product I’ve used.

I have sensitive skin but the products have been great with my skin!

Amazing for pregnant mumma's!

I started using the Bohemian cleanser and moisturiser before I got pregnant and loved it.
Since being pregnant, my skin has changed completely and is definitely more on the sensitive side now and the Bohemian products are the only thing I can use without irritation. Love this brand!

Organic Gel Cleanser
Ella Mckenzie
I love it

This cleanser really helps reduces my redness and pimples. It also doesn’t dry out my skin. :)

Gel cleaner

Best cleaner I’ve ever use!! I’ve just purchased my third along with some other products to try form the range. Highly recommend

A staple in my skincare routine!

Favourite cleanser! A must in my skincare routine partnered with the moisturizer. So glad I found these!

Great cleanser!

Have purchased this cleanser time and time again, it is fantastic! Have not had any breakouts with it over the past year and a half that I’ve been using it. I do find it a bit drying on the skin right after cleansing during the colder months, however a good serum and moisturizer follow up has been great for my skin. Will continue to purchase this cleanser.