Bohemian Skin Reviews

Have you tried Bohemian Skin? We are the best brand for skincare, but don’t just take our word for it, check out what our beautiful customers have to say. 

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The best skin care

I’ve bought multiple bottles of the cleanser, toner, exfoliant and HYC serum and I absolutely love it. Highly recommend. My entire skin care routine is bohemian skin and I love it so much.


I have used a few BS products before & decided to try this trio- I’m so glad I did, I love it!

Love it !!

Complete skin care bundle 🤍🤍

Fav Cleanser

My fav cleanser, leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Apart of my everyday skin care routine now!

Rejuvenating serum

I love this product so much its made my skin the most hydrated it's ever been and I always get compliments on how nice my skin is . I'm super impressed with it.

Amazing 🤩

All round the best skincare products I have found so far. Affordable and have noticed a massive difference in my skin after 2 days of using my bundle.

So So

I was so excited to try this skincare because it has all natural ingredients! While the skincare is fine, it hasn't made any noticeable difference in my skin

Back To Basics Bundle
Savannah Barros

Great products great for my skin and they are all natural and safe in pregnancy

Great skincare bundle

I love my bohemian skin care! Affordable, nice size products and my skin loves it!

Anti-Ageing Essentials
Phyllis Chestnut
Moisturise Lotion

I love this face cream. It goes on easy and is not too heavy and it makes my skin super soft even though my skin is ageing. I recommend it to others

Organic Gel Cleanser
Danielle Ward
The best cleanser ever

The best gel cleanser I’ve ever used, and I have used plenty. Bohemian Skin cleans your face without drying out your skin, it’s clean, fresh and soft. I am 42 and my skin feels amazing, I will continue to use this product for a very long time.

Organic Gel Cleanser
Kristy Charnock
Love love love

Leaves my skin feeling clean & fresh & doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight & stiff like most I’ve used. I can’t recommend this enough. It smells amazing too!!

Spot Assist Cream
Jennifer Carmichael
Sooo much better than other 'certified' brands

It's very good. I love the lightness of it compared to other skin products I've tried. The only thing is that it seems to be giving me more blind pimples, why would this be?

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your lovely review. It could be that you are experiencing purging and the Spot Assist is bringing deep set bacteria to the surface. Do these pimples come to a head eventually?

Love the products and customer service is outstanding!

Amazing product

I am so happy with this cleanser, my skin has been so clear since using this product, no breakouts and my pores are looking clear. Really impressed with the ingredients and customer service was outstanding. Thank you so much for making such beautiful clean products.

So Soft

I bought these because makeup wipes were damaging my skin, and I am so glad I did. Instead of buying makeup wipes every month or so, I just buy a big bottle of micellar water and use these swipeys to take my makeup off at night, leaving my skin so soft and clean.

Organic Gel Cleanser
Tayla Riedel
My favourite cleanser

Love it. Keeps my skin clear without drying it out plus no nasty chemicals

Love love love!

Obsessed! Literally. My skin feels amazing and looks amazing even after a short time using these products! I’m also currently 26 weeks pregnant and have had some pretty nasty hormonal acne. Your products have helped calm down my skin so much! I’ve used a lot of different skin care before and never really thought they were worth buying again, EXCEPT YOURS! Will 100% be buying more! Thank you thank you! ☺️

Facial Mask
Kristy Ward
Facial Mask

Nice and soft cold feel on
Leaves skin feeling refreshed and smooth

Organic gel cleanser

Really like this cleanser, its gentle on the skin and does its job 😊

Organic Gel Cleanser

Organic Gel Cleanser
Sarah Richard-Preston
Divine cleanser

My friend introduced me to this brand as she is pregnant. I may not be pregnant, but I still appreciate how gentle the cleanser is and how great it makes my skin feel. The first tube she gave me lasted a few months and I have just ordered another.

Bright Eyes Cream
Phyllis Chestnut
Bright Eyes Cream

I love this eye cream . Goes on really well and is making a big difference to my skin around my eyes. It is light and easy to apply which is what I fine perfect. I will purchase your Bright Eyes Cream again.

Organic Gel Cleanser
Angelina Makarovskiy
The cleanser review

The cleanser doesn’t Strip you from your natural oils in your skin and overall helped me with my acne.

Organic Gel Cleanser
Abbey Rodgers
Second time coming back for more!

I love this product so much, I’ve finally found my go to cleanser 😍 I wish we could buy these in store as well