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Have you tried Bohemian Skin? We are the best brand for skincare, but don’t just take our word for it, check out what our beautiful customers have to say. 

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Spot Assist Cream
Trudy Gill
Spot assist cream is AMAZING!

This is the first spot cream I have ever used and it works amazingly well. It goes on nice n easy, you only need the smallest amount as it spreads well. I have noticed a huge difference using it day and night. Has been a huge lifesaver with my hormonal acne.

AHA Enzyme Exfoliant
Maisey Craig
Smooth & refreshing

The actual exfoliant is very good, makes my skin feel refreshed and smooth. The only thing is, it’s a bit more of a lotion and runny consistency, so it’s a lil bit difficult to use in shower since it easily runs off your hand. Plus I’ve noticed all the squeeze bottles are a little bit cheap and don’t seal properly. Other than that, the quality of this skin product is very good and I have noticed an amazing change with my skin.

Ultimate Beauty Bundle
Karen Delaney

Absolutely love the products

The simple yet effective skincare routine

I am someone who suffers from breakouts and blemishes, most skincare products strip my skin because it is too harsh and then makes my skin worse. Bohemian Skin did the very opposite, for the first time my skin felt soft and smooth. Can't wait to see what the long term results are.

Love the Bright Eyes Cream

The last couple of months I have been using the Bright Eyes Cream under my eyes every morning and night , it has taken away some of the puffiness that was under my eyes and redness it certainly has made my eyes feel better while using the Bright Eyes Cream.
Yes I highly recommend this Eye Cream, especially with some of the natural ingredients that are in the Bright Eyes Cream such as;
Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Leaf Extract, Kakadu Plum, Eyebright Extract, Mothbean Extract (nature’s Vitamin A)

Bright Eyes Cream
Alanah Linton
Lightweight and hydrating

This eye cream is perfect if you are looking for something lightweight but still hydrating. It wears well under makeup and has quickly found its place in my daily routine

Beautiful Natural Ingredients

Using my Gift Voucher I decided to buy the Anti-aging Bundle. Loved the Pink Packaging of the Eye Serum and Daily Glow Moisturiser, made my Skin feel soft and hydrated, using the Rejuvenating HY C Serum on my face and decolletage, Thank You so Very Much for the Lovely Gifts.

The best cleanser I’ve ever used

This cleanser keeps my skin bright and clear ♥️
This and the moisturiser have helped me take control of my hormonal acne !!!!
I started using it almost 2 years ago and I couldn’t imagine changing!

My skin had never been clearer

I've never had such clear skin with an even skin tone before. I was never confident enough to go no makeup until now. Thanks for the confidence Bohemian Skin team xx

Anti-Ageing Essentials
Ashleigh Phillips
Smells like cabbage but works wonders

The smell of these products is super disappointing, but it’s done great things for my skin so far! It stinks, it doesn’t spread very well, but your skin will thank you.


I’m so happy with all 3 products in the Anti-Ageing Essentials pack, I particularly love the Rejuvenating HY C Serum!

The Power Couple
Erik Cmelar
Trying for first time

I have sensitive skin and I love it it’s working perfectly. I been using for 2 weeks now and I can feel my skin is smooth and I start noticing that my blackheads on nose started disappear ☺️

Love this!

Amazing cleanser and toner! Didn’t break me out at all, and I have sensitive acne prone skin (normal/oily), doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or tight which is great

Purifying Toner
Daisy Moreton
Amazing results!

My skin has never been better! I have used to gel cleanser, purifying toner and facial moisturiser morning and night now for a month and can honestly say my skin looks so clear and much brighter than ever before! Highly recommend Bohemian Skin products! I am breastfeeding so the fact these products are 100% natural and organic is an added bonus! Thank you Bohemian Skin I will definitely be reordering. All the glowing love,



I have suffered from acne for the last few months, I tried the gel cleanser (recommended by Sarah’s Day) and my skin has become less irritated, less inflamed and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and angry. I have sensitive skin and after using the gel cleaner and moisture my skin is clear with no red patches or irritated acne!!

Bright Eyes Cream
Vero Romano
Loving it

I have a super sensitive skin and the bohemian products are amazing.

You can feel they’re natural products leaving your skin smooth and fresh.

Thank you guys :)


Absolutely love! After using the Cleanser, moisturiser and toner I can feel and see the difference in my skin already. Thanks to the Bohemian Skin team and @Sarahsday for the skin routine inspiration xx

Helped my skin so much!!

This cleanser is absolutely amazing and is so gentle to my skin! It works with my sensitive face and leaves my face feeling so soft. Good price range for what it does. It did take a week to get used to my skin because I got a faint rash on my cheeks but after a week it left and is now working fine

amazing product

it makes it so easy to clean daily makeup face. no makeup remover needed. love this product.

Daily Glow Moisturiser
Danica Coates

Probably the best moisturiser I have ever used and it goes such a long way. I have always been heavy handed with moisturisers but I literally use a pea size and can do my whole face and down my neck!!! Amazing! So many comments on my skin!

Amazing product!!!!

One word: amazing!!! I have wasted endless amounts of money over the years buying products for skin that promise a solution only to have never found anything that works. I randomly came across Bohemian Skin on my Instagram feed, I filled my cart with one of everything & I have been using Bohemian Skin religiously twice a day for over three weeks now since it arrived. Facial wash, toner, spot assist when needed & moisturiser. Plus application of a facial mask once a week applied with a concealer brush I bought from The Body Shop. I cannot highly recommend all of it enough! The first application was promising with smooth to touch skin & a hydrated feeling straight away. I waited for a negative result, I still wait for something to change but it has not disappointed me yet. In 3 weeks my skin feels fresh every-single-day. I still get an odd pimple here & there but the spot assist is amazing in speeding up that process of bringing them out & drying them out. It calms my skin when it starts to looks a little red & angry & has even lessened how visible my current scarring is from picking my face. Thank you Bohemian Skin for such amazing products you have found a forever customer in me.

The Power Couple
Rebecca O’Brien
Bec’s love for bohemian skin!!

Love both these products my skin feels amazing I feel better knowing it’s without all the nasty stuff will definitely keep buying...

The Power Couple
Elena Cox
The perfect remedy!

After having my baby I was suffering with severe hormonal acne. My skin was covered in sore inflamed spots and I didn't know what to treat it with as I am breast feeding. After using the cleanser, moisturising cream and facial mask my skin seems less angry and the spots are clearing and staying away. Truly a game changer for me and it's helped me feel a little more like myself since having bub.

Best Sellers Bundle
Hannah Paganoni

Wow wow wow. I have been using Bohemian skin care for over a year now. It has well and truly changed my skin. I have had acne problems all my life, I have had facial, been on tablets, used multiple skin products. I still have acne yes, its less visible now, my skin is less itchy. I am beyond grateful for this Product. I will be using this the rest of my life.


I have struggled with acne for about 6 years and nothing has been as good at keeping pimples away! I also have dry skin and the moisturiser does a great job of keeping my skin hydrated all day! I only need about a pea sized amount of moisturiser and cleanser! Definitely worth the purchase!!