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Spot Assist Cream
Bianca Wales
Love 💕

Absolutely love my purchases from bohemian, will never go back to other products now. Feel so fresh faced and my skin has never looked better than it does right now. Love you guys 💋

Amazing products

This is now third repurchase of these products - the longest I have used a single brand/product for my combination skin ever! Love the formula and the finish and feeling it leaves on my skin. 10/10!!

Very very good

I don’t struggle too much with acne but it definitely cleared up break out areas and my skin is extremely soft since using this. I use the gentle exfoliant once a week as well. I’m really pleased with my purchase of this also makes my skin just feel fresh after I use it


I honestly love this product so much! I have sensitive skin and it can get quite oily in the T zone and this cleanser doesn’t irritate or add to the oil at all. My skin hasn’t looked this good for as long as I can remember, it's so smooth and clear, I couldn’t be happier!

Gel cleanser

This gel cleanser is fabulous. It leaves my skin feeling clean without the tightness that comes with other cleansers. It lathers quickly even though it’s not full of harsh chemicals and I am so pleased with my second purchase.

Back To Basics Bundle

Organic Gel Cleanser
Sacha Stapylton

Organic Gel Cleanser

A nice, light cleanser

The feel of this cleanser is light and fresh, it really feels like it's gently cleaning my skin. The scent took some getting used to, but I might just be noticing it more strongly because I'm pregnant. It's not unpleasant, but kind of zingy or citrusy.

Love it 😍

Absolutely love these products! My skin feels great!!

Best products

Best product I have ever purchased. They say it takes a few weeks to notice change when trying new products but I could see effect day one

Makeup Remover Swipey
Jodie Spencer

Makeup Remover Swipey

Deep cleansing duo

My 4th bottle of the cleanser and first purchase of the exfoliant! I love both! They are amazing and have turned my skin around comepltey

Amazing cleanser!

I love the cleanser! It’s so silky and feels so good on the skin. I look forward to washing my face each night! And my skin has improved so much! x

Organic Gel Cleanser
Rachel Galea

Organic Gel Cleanser


These products have made such an amazing difference to my skin. I was not sure a cleanser could make such a big difference, but it can! My blackheads are smaller and fewer and my overall completion is improved. Love!

Purifying Toner
Kristen D.
Bye Bye Hormonal Acne!

After coming off the pill a year ago, my skin immediately turned bad. I couldn’t find an organic product that could clear my skin until I saw Sarah’s Day promoting it as pregnancy safe in her vlog. As someone who is currently trying to conceive through IVF, reducing toxic exposure to assist with egg quality is my main focus, I was so thrilled to see after a month of using Bohemian Skin my hormonal acne had completely cleared! I use the cleanser, aha exfoliant, toner, c serum and moisturizer and my skin feels amazing! Better yet, it’s organic and pregnancy safe! I recommend this product to all of my friends, I only wish they had a body range for body wash and body moisturizer. Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Rejuvenating HY C Serum
Anne-Laure Giarrano

I am really enjoying the Rejuvenating HY C serum. I have very sensitive/acne prone skin and I have never been able to find a vitamin C serum that doesn’t break me out. I love it so much that I have already purchased more. This is a must have product for me and I am so happy to have tried it out. Thank you bohemian skin for your wonderful products!!!

Back To Basics Bundle
Rebecca Pringle
Loving these products

So happy with the improvement of my skin since using these products

Oily Skin Preventers
Cress Irving
Best set!

Love love the gel cleanser I’ve been using other high end cleanser’s and after a double cleanse I’m still left with makeup everywhere and mascara running down my cheeks. This gel cleanser after 1 cleanse has removed all makeup inn mascara! Couldn’t be happier. Smells Devine and love that it’s natural and not harsh on my skin. The exfoliant is great too your skin feels really smooth after.
Definitely worth getting!


Love this product! I’ve been using it for over a year now and definitely think it has helped give me a more even skin tone. I mainly love using it before moisturising as I use a pretty thick moisturiser (not the one from bohemian skin) so using them together seems to work perfectly. Will say that the pump is not great, both the bottles I’ve bought with the spray broke by the end, but still an awesome product!

Gentle Deep Cleansing Duo
Melanie Humphrys
Love ,love, love

This duo pack is amazing. My skin is feeling amazing


Bohemian Skin has saved my LIFE!!!

Back To Basics Bundle
Jessica Jenkins

Back To Basics Bundle

Facial Mask
Lenka Zemanova
Lovely mask

I have tried several face masks and this one is my favourite one - my skin looks always fresh, clean and just really happy :-)

Back To Basics Bundle