Yes, all of our products are 100% natural, they contain no synthetics or nasties whatsoever. All of our products also contain Australian certified organic (ACO) ingredients and we are ACO and OFC (Organic Food Chain) certified and to be certified by both of these governing bodies, products must be 100% natural.

We are committed to creating beautiful, 100% natural skincare with absolutely no nasties! Bohemian Skin products contain none of the following:

No sulphates
No petrochemicals
No petroleum
No mineral oil
No animal products or byproducts
No phenoxyethanol
No synthetic parabens
No synthetic fragrances
No synthetic antioxidants
No synthetic colours
No phthalates
No siliconesNo GMOs
No triethanolamine (TEA)
No diethanolamine (DEA)
No alkanolamines or ethanolamines
No formaldehydeNo chemical sunscreens
No aloe vera
No vitamin A
No salicylic acid
No benzoyl peroxideNo acrylates
No aluminum chloride
No benzalkonium chloride
No hydroquinone
No nanoparticles
No polysorbates
No thioglycolic acid
No toluene
No triclosan
No polyacrylamide or acrylamide

We use ingredients that work with your skin to balance its natural oil production making our entire range suitable for all skin types.

Yes! Our products have been designed to suit all skin types as they are 100% natural, non-irritating and work with your skin type to promote clearer, more radiant looking skin.

All Bohemian Skin products are pH balanced and mimic the skin's natural pH which is 4.7.

All Bohemian Skin products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. They contain no animal products or byproducts and we have not and will never test on animals. We are certified with Choose Cruelty Free (CCF).

Yes! Bohemian Skin is a pioneer of the Australian pregnancy skincare industry and we were the first to bring to market a facial range of skincare that is safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding.

While we have had customers use our products while taking accutane with great success, we always recommend consulting with your treating health care professional regarding any product use while taking accutane. .

While we have customers that have had great success using our products to assist with skin conditions, we always recommend consulting with your treating health care professional prior to using any new products. When treating skin conditions unfortunately skincare is only one part of this. Environmental factors, hormones, diet etc. all can play a part in skin conditions and while skincare helps to support the skin, skincare alone will not suffice in treating severe skin conditions and the assistance of a healthcare professional is recommended in conjunction with your Bohemian skincare routine.

All Bohemian Skin skincare products are manufactured right here in Australia by our team of experienced cosmetic formulations chemists. We are proudly an Australian owned and run business and our teams are all based in Australia so by supporting us you are supporting local Australian families.

Because Bohemian Skin products are 100% natural the viscosity, colour and/or smell of batches may vary due to the seasonality of farmed ingredients. Eg. Our Gel Cleanser is sometimes very green in colour and other batches are more yellowy/brown in colour. This is due to the seasonality of the hemp at time of farming. This does not affect the safety, efficacy, performance or shelf life of the product.

This differs person to person depending on frequency of use, specific product and amount used per application. In general we find most customers with recommended morning and night use will get up to three months out of Bohemian Skin products.

The amount of product in our tubes/bottles is as specified by the weight written on the label/tube. Our tubes/bottles are larger to ensure the product doesn’t burst or split during transit and to allow for temperature variations.

If you are interested in being added to our wholesale database for future opportunities please email

We do not offer samples however are completely transparent when it comes to ingredients and full ingredients lists can be found on each product page to help our customers make an informed choice when purchasing. We don’t offer samples as sample packaging has a massive impact on the environment. Packaging for samples are large comparatively to the amount of product they contain and we believe that not offering these minimal use samples is part of decreasing our carbon footprint and environmental impact. We are a sustainable business and this is a part of that.

We don’t offer pickup however all orders over $99 spend receive free domestic shipping.

All Bohemian Skin orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Brisbane, Australia.

Bohemian Skin offers Afterpay on all Australian orders. For Afterpay eligibility please visit

Please email with your order number (if known) and our team can assist.

If you have placed an order and have not received your order and/or shipping confirmation and have checked your junk/spam box please email with the name and email address you used for your order and our team will be able to assist you.

Of course! We are so sorry to hear the post has been rough with your parcel! Please email photos of the damage to and our team will be able to arrange a resolution.

Yes! Bohemian Skin is a proud sponsor of the not-for-profit organisation PANDA which is the Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Association. PANDA operates Australia’s only National Helpline that supports new and expecting mums and dads and their families affected by perinatal anxiety and depression and postnatal psychosis. PANDA also works to raise awareness in the community about perinatal mental illness, including the signs to look for and where to go to seek support. More information can be found about PANDA at

While we would love to be able to support every request and cause we do get multiple a day and unfortunately are unable to accommodate them all. We have chosen to align ourselves with PANDA (see above). Feel free to send an email to however our partnership with PANDA is our aligned cause. “PANDA relies on donations to do much of our work supporting expecting and new parents affected by perinatal mental illness,” says PANDA’s Communications and Fundraising Manager David Sutherland. “Bohemian Skin has been a very generous supporter of ours and their donations over the years have helped us provide high quality services as well as supply vital information and resources to families and health professionals.” Bohemian Skin donates 10cents from every sale made to PANDA.

Please email to discuss any PR and/or collaboration opportunities.