Our Story

The Bohemian Skin Story: Where Safety, Efficacy, Science and Clean Beauty Meet

The Journey Begins

Bohemian Skin was born in 2015 when founders Morgan and Keenan, expecting their first child, were dismayed by the absence of truly pregnancy-safe natural skincare products. Morgan, who had always been passionate about skincare, found her concerns amplified during pregnancy. The realisation that many products, even those labeled "natural" or "organic," contained potentially harmful ingredients led to the creation of Bohemian Skin. The brand was officially launched in 2016, shortly after the birth of their son.

A Commitment to Safety and Efficacy

At Bohemian Skin, safety is paramount. The brand was established out of the necessity to provide an effective range of skincare that can be used without fear of harming the body. This commitment extends beyond pregnancy, aiming to protect and nourish the skin at every stage of life. The products are developed with the highest quality Australian Certified Organic ingredients, ensuring they are safe for everyone, especially pregnant women. Bohemian Skin avoids synthetic preservatives, phthalates, sulfates, artificial dyes, and synthetic fragrances, all of which have been linked to health concerns.

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Why Bohemian Skin?
Bohemian Skin is obsessed with safe skincare, whether you're pregnant or not. When you first find out you are pregnant, you become overwhelmed by things you shouldn’t be doing or using, and many skincare products, even those labeled as ‘pregnancy suitable,’ contain ingredients considered unsafe. Bohemian Skin's range is 100% suitable before, during, and after pregnancy, covering all women throughout their whole life.
Science Meets Nature

Bohemian Skin stands out by seamlessly blending scientific innovation with the purity of nature. The formulations, crafted by experienced chemists, use potent botanicals known for their efficacy. This approach ensures that each product not only feels luxurious but also delivers visible results without compromising on safety. Ingredients like hemp seed oil and witch hazel are selected for their natural benefits and their compatibility with sensitive skin.

Sustainable and Transparent

Sustainability is a core value at Bohemian Skin. The brand uses post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics for packaging, which are recyclable, reducing the environmental footprint. Transparency is also key; complete ingredient lists are provided for every product, allowing customers to make informed choices about what they put on their skin.

Morgan's Personal Journey

Morgan’s journey with skincare began in her teenage years, struggling with acne and always searching for the perfect product. Her passion for clean beauty intensified during pregnancy, leading her to create Bohemian Skin. Today, she is a cosmetic formulations chemist and the creative force behind the brand, while Keenan manages the warehousing and logistical aspects.

Bohemian Skin Today

Bohemian Skin remains owned and operated by Morgan and Keenan, who now have three beautiful children. Morgan has gone on to become a cosmetic formulations chemist and is the creative behind the brand and Keenan manages the warehousing and logistical aspects of Bohemian Skin. They are dedicated to offering skincare solutions that work for all stages of life, ensuring that every product is gentle, effective, and safe for everyone.

Bohemian Skin is more than just a skincare brand; it’s a testament to the belief that effective, clean beauty can be achieved without compromise. Join us in our journey towards a safer, more beautiful future, one where you can feel confident and cared for, knowing that your skin is in good hands. 
Thank you for supporting Australian, family owned and run business.