The Bohemian Skin Story

Skin care has always been an obsession of Morgan's and after having less than ideal skin in her teenage years she was always on the search for her holy grail products however always felt like she was compromising her health with what was available on the market.

Morgan and her husband Keenan fell pregnant in early 2015 with their first child which amplified Morgan’s obsession with safe and natural skin care. After spending the first few months of her pregnancy using very little skin care Morgan made do with a few natural products such as hemp seed oil and witch hazel and while these are safe on their own, they were not as effective as she would have liked.

This led Morgan to her continued search for a product that was safe and effective to use not only during pregnancy but throughout life, however she was unable to find anything she was happy with. After researching ingredients that were both safe and unsafe to use during pregnancy, Morgan then realised that there were so many chemicals in everyday products that are not safe at any time let alone during pregnancy. This includes a long list of natural, organic and even other pregnancy products. It was at this point that Morgan began formulating ideas for her ideal skin care product range and thus Bohemian Skin was born.

Over the duration of the pregnancy Morgan and Keenan worked closely with experienced chemists to develop the Bohemian Skin Gel Cleanser and Facial Moisturiser.

In late November 2015, Morgan and Keenan gave birth to a beautiful and extremely healthy baby boy.

In January 2016, Bohemian Skin was launched and continues to thrive as Australia's only pregnancy suitable products made with Australian Certified Organic ingredients and a continually expanding range of skin care suitable for every body, for life.

Morgan and Keenan continue to run Bohemian Skin out of their Brisbane based warehouse while raising their two young boys.