The Bohemian Skin Story

About Bohemian Skin

Bohemian Skin was launched in 2016 after Morgan and her husband Keenan fell pregnant with their first child in 2015 and were shocked to learn that there were no truly pregnancy safe natural skincare products on the market.

Skincare has always been an obsession of Morgan's, after having less than ideal skin in her teenage years she was always searching for her holy grail products. Morgan always felt like she was compromising her health as many skincare Australian products contained ingredients that could be harmful – even if they were natural ingredients.

Falling pregnant amplified Morgan’s desire to use safe, natural and organic skincare products. Morgan learned that there were so many chemicals used in everyday skincare products that are not suitable for your skin at any time, let alone during pregnancy. This includes a long list of skincare products that are labelled natural, organic and even pregnancy safe.

After spending the first few months of her pregnancy using very little skincare, Morgan made the switch to using only natural, pregnancy safe ingredients such as hemp seed oil and witch hazel, but found these ingredients weren’t very effective when used on their own. 

It was at this point that Morgan began formulating ideas for her ideal skincare range - and Bohemian Skin was born, just a few months after Morgan and Keenan’s baby boy.

All-Natural, Certified Organic & Pregnancy Safe Skincare 

Developed with experienced chemists using only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients, Bohemian Skin’s unique formulations are suitable for everybody at every stage of life. Each product has been thoughtfully developed to be suitable, gentle and effective for all skin types.

Bohemian Skin is the first Australian-made natural skincare brand suitable for pregnancy. The range is 100% natural, OFC certified, cruelty-free certified and vegan.

What Our People Say About Our Products 

We are the organic and pregnancy suitable skincare brand of choice, but don’t just take our word for it - see what our customers love most about our products on our testimonials page.

Morgan's Personal Journey

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