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Leaves my skin feeling so soft!

Not great for Oily Skin

I love the product and love how natural and amazing it is and of course the price point is amazing, but unfortunately I have combination skin (sometimes dry, sometimes oily) and trying this cleanser really threw my skin out of balance and made it very oily, and I found that the face cream had a very distinct smell that I didn’t love either. Unfortunate but the products are still amazing for other people I’m sure :)

Best skincare ever

I will purchase 2 at a time of the cleanser and the toner so I don’t run out and always have a back up. My skin feels amazing and I feel it looks flawless. I have less hormonal breakouts since using Bohemian Skin. I have been using this for 1 year now and will not change.


Skin already feels 100% better

2nd time purchase

Still inlove with your moisturiser. I wear it underneath my makeup and bare face. Beauty staple!

Rejuvenating HY C Serum


My skin is genuinely feeling tighter and has a glowing complexion. The dullness is gone, I even had that time of the month and way less breakouts only a few tiny bumps.


Absolutely love! After using the Cleanser, moisturiser and toner I can feel and see the difference in my skin already. Thanks to the Bohemian Skin team and @Sarahsday for the skin routine inspiration xx

Complete difference

I have been using the gel cleanser and the toner for almost 2 weeks and within 3 days my face started to clear up. Not as noticable black heads on my nose and chin. I also have breakouts all on my shoulders from being pregnant and 5 days later it has completely gone 😄 Thank you Bohemian skin, and Thank you Sarah's Day for suggesting this product.

Skin cleared up with two uses

Legit love this. My chin blemishes, nose black heads and some redness around my eyes cleared within two uses! Love it 😍

Gel Cleanser

I love it soooooo much!!! Now I wish I got the moisturiser with it to top it off!! But that will definitely be my next purchase

Loving it

I started using the Bohemian Skin cleanser, toner, vit c serum and moisturizer since seeing them on SarahsDay youtube channel.
OMG these products have changed my skin almost instantly! I have gone from waking up everyday with new pimples to barely having any pimples at all.
Not only that but my skin is soft and supple and no longer oily in the mornings!

Facial Mask 50ml


I have been STRUGGLING with cystic acne for about 5 years now, and being someone who does not use chemicals and harsh cleansers it’s been a long and hard journey. But when I discovered this skin care through my favorite, SarahsDay, someone I trust to give a truthful review and suggested product, I had to try it. My skin has TREMENDOUSLY transformed. Smoothing out the texture and taking away all my blemishes and scars I can cry of happiness. I use the cleanser, vit c serum, and moisture everyday. Thank you for helping me become confident that I will have glowing skin again!!!!

Great quality

I have been using Bohemian Skin cleanser & moisturiser for about a month or so now and it has noticeably helped clear up the breakouts I was having. The cleanser is really high quality and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight afterwards, the moisturiser is super light weight and feels like it helps control the oiliness on my face. However, the moisturiser doesn't "feel" as hydrating as other brands I've used but it has never left my skin visibly dry or flaky. Highly recommend giving these products a go & I will definitely be purchasing again!

Excellent Product

Everything was as described

In love

I absolutely love the way the gel cleanser makes my skin feel. I’ve definitely seen a lot of improvement in my skin and I’m extremely happy with this product

Best cleanser

I am so happy with this cleanser! About to purchase my second bottle.

Actually works

I bought this product for safe use during pregnancy and have continued to use it as it has been the first natural, organic product I have found that has actually worked for my skin!

Wanted to love it, but unfortunately not

I really wanted to love this skin care product based on the reviews, but unfortunately it did the opposite and made my skin break out allot around the chin and side of face area after the first 3 days. I have good skin with little breakout occurrences, and wanted to try something new but this didn't work for me at all. I've reverted back to my old skin care regimen and it's starting to clear up already.
Maybe offer buyers a small sample tester to see if it works for people before purchasing the set, as it ends up costing quite dear if it doesn't suit your skin type and the product wasted.

Facial Cleansing Brush
Amazing product!!

Only face cleaner I use now! Combined with the face brush it works wonders on my skin

Not a fan..

I purchased this pack along with the toner and serum and after 4 weeks of consistent use, I just do not see a difference in my skin at all. My skin feels oily and greasy after only an hour of application and never feels clean. My pores feel congested and I still have painful acne. I also feel as though a lot of product gets wasted due to how runny it is and as well as the packaging. I’m so disappointed, after spending a lot of time researching the ingredients and reading through the reviews I really thought that this would be the one!

Improvement in skin - love the cleanser!!

Love the cleanser, on my second bottle have noticed a big improvement in my hormonal breakouts and general clearness of my skin. Since the cleanser was so good thought I’d try the moisturizer. Don’t love it as much, doesn’t have that lovely silky feeling you get after some moisturizers. It’s a bit tacky to touch and makes my skin feel super tight.

Have heard good things about the mask/serum though! May try those next!!


I was sceptical to try another new line of products but I just wasn’t getting what I needed from the old brands I was using. I have been using this for over a month now and haven’t looked back. Love this stuff!!!!

Clear skin!

My skin is finally feeling fresh and clean!! Highly recommend!! Can not wait to try more products