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Love it!

I have the face wash, serum, and lotion. I have seen a more even tone across my entire face since using these products. Very happy with it!

Magic products

I’m so happy i purchased the cleanser and moisturizer. I have been using it for over two weeks now and can see a difference. I will always use these two combined. Love love love


I have been using the purifying toner for 2 weeks now and the acne on my chest has completely cleared! Highly recommend

Rejuvenating HY C Serum

Love it!!

Any small spots I’ve had pop up have disappeared just as quickly thanks to this spot assist!


My acne prone skin has cleared up dramatically since using the cleanser.


My skin is sooooooo soft and so clear
It doesn’t strip my skin too much I just love it all
And your customer service was fantastic, I didn’t even get express shipping and it arrived so quickly, can’t recommend more!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Amazing!!! - highly recommend

love this product so much - within a couple of days my spot was completely gone and I love that it is 100% natural.

Purifying toner and rejuvenating HY C serum

I have been using the bohemian skin gel cleanser and facial moisturiser for a few months now and have loved them so decided to add the purifying toner and HY C serum to my collection and I am already seeing amazing results just from one week! I am so impressive with this brand!


Leaves skin feeling amazing, i use with the cleanser and moistoriser as well.

Lovely cleanser

I love love love this cleanser. It’s gentle and effective and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or over-tight.

I’ve given it 4 stars instead of 5 because I find the packaging a bit messy. The lid seems to accumulate excess cleanser, which ultimately becomes goopy and gross.

Amazing my skin is so clean and clear

Love them!

I love the makeup removers! They are so soft and remove so much more than just using a cleanser on its own.

Love it

Absolutely love all the products my skin feels amazing

Cleanse wash & moisturiser

Love everything about it... from the consistency to the way it feels on my face! My face is glowing, super soft and smooth

Gel cleanser

This is the best cleanser I have ever had it has helped my skin so much!! I have acne prone skin and this cleanser has made such a difference, love it so much I have bought it 3 time already!!

Great service

Loving the gentle creams and service in which was provided with receiving my products!


Absolutely frothing over these products, my skin has never felt better plus its lighting up my pigmentation. LOVE IT

Gel Cleanser

Great cleanser - most cleansers leave my skin feeling dry after use or cause a slight burning sensation during the second cleanse but this leaves my skin feeling really balanced.

Well that is surprising

You see all of these influencers showing a product and you think 'far out their skin is amazing, they must have heaps of treatements, i've never had a facial, my skin will never look like that, then they show the products they use. Bohemian Skin, and you think, 'nah too good to be true, that product alone cant be that amazing' but it 100% is. My skin has been so hydrated, clear and glowy and i have only been using it for approximately 10 days. While the price point is higher than what id normally spend, it has been 18months of convincing myself to take the plunge. Then one night 2 weeks ago i said to myself, JUST DO IT! So i did, and now i will happily purchase again and again. I love the smell/lack there of, not remotely perfumed and seriously beautiful to apply.

Too drying and fermented smell

I have dry skin, the cleanser leaves my skin dry and tight. The moisturiser seems to contribute to this feeling. I’ve since developed dry flaking all over. The smell of the moisturiser is a very vinegary earthy smell. Which is quite unpleasant. I tried contacting for assistance regarding the smell because I thought it may be a bad batch. However I did not receive a response. Overall quite disappointing.

Hi Toni, Thank you so much for your review- we always appreciate our customers feedback and are always happy to help. I have searched our emails and we did not receive an email from you regarding your dissatisfaction with your Facial Moisturiser. As our products are 100% natural and contain no synthetic fragrances they do not smell like 'typical' products that are scented with synthetics. We deliberately chose to have our moisturiser 'unscented' as we know that scents can often be very overpowering and customers prefer a mild/unscented product for their daily moisturiser. Our moisturiser has an extremely mild, natural smell however have never heard it described as 'vinegary'. I would love to be able to discuss this further with you and have sent you an email. Thanks again for your valued feedback. Kindest, Morgan

It’s been a while since I used a toner, and I honestly didn’t know what I was missing until I tried this one! So refreshing, clarifying and it’s great to know I’m not putting nasties on my face during my pregnancy :) LOVE IT!