My Personal Skin Journey

before and after photos from Morgan, our Bohemian Skin owner and creator I was scrolling through my phone recently and came across some photos of my skin before this crazy idea of starting our own skincare brand had come to life. I had actually forgotten that I had taken them and I couldn’t believe how red, inflamed and covered in acne my skin was. 

Looking back, I’m so pleased that I took these photos when my skin was at its worst. I can now look at them and the amazing transformation of my skin and feel so proud of the incredible line we’ve created that’s helped not only me, but thousands of other women and girls, feel confident in their skin again. 

How It Started...

Growing up, I never had great skin. Throughout my teenage years, I struggled with acne and it even came to the point where I did a course of roaccutane (I would not recommend this to anyone!) which short term cleared my skin but six months later my acne came back with a vengeance. I thought surely my skin would calm down with age but despite trying countless treatments, products and remedies (you name it, I tried it!) my acne remained and I realised that adult acne was a struggle I’d have to endure.

Then I became pregnant with my first child. Despite the state of my skin, I just wasn’t comfortable using any of the skincare products I had at the time whilst I was growing our precious little boy. 

Passingly, I mentioned to my husband, Keenan, how amazing it would be if I could find products that would help my skin that were ALSO safe to use while pregnant. Keenan, being the risk-taker he is, turned around and said “well why don’t we just make our own?!”. Thus began the long research and development phase that would eventually bring our beautiful vision to life.  

my skin journey - how bohemian skin started - before and after red acne

How It’s Going ✨

My skin is definitely not perfect, but after suffering from red, irritated and cystic acne for well over a decade, I am so thankful for where my skin is today. Our beautiful product range has supported my skin through growing and birthing our three amazing children and the hormonal changes that come with pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum. 

The amazing feedback we get from you, our beautiful customers, absolutely makes the many years of suffering from self-confidence issues because of my skin 100% worthwhile. Without having struggled with acne, Bohemian Skin would never have been born and we never would have had the opportunity to connect with such an incredible group of people.  

Why Organic & Natural Products Are So Important To Keenan and I

In 2020 I completed my Diploma of Personal Care Formulation, qualifying me as a Cosmetic Chemist. This gave me the knowledge and ability to be even more involved in the development of each of our products. For me, ensuring our products were not only 100% natural but also made using Australian certified organic ingredients was a non-negotiable.

Because labelling laws and regulations are so murky and differ greatly depending on where the product is manufactured, greenwashing is so prominent in the skincare and beauty industry. Consumers tend to see buzzwords like ‘natural’, ‘safe’, ‘organic’, ‘non-toxic’ and assume that if a product is labelled this way, then all the ingredients it contains reflect this. Right!? Sadly, in many instances, this isn’t the case. 

Certifications such as OFC, ACO and Cosmos (of which we have all!) give consumers peace of mind that what they are purchasing is in fact what it claims to be. It was so important to me to be completely transparent with our customers and obtain these certifications for our range. 

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Because It’s The Right thing To Do

We also chose to be a completely cruelty-free brand as in our opinion animal testing is unreliable, cruel and completely unnecessary. We love animals and do not agree with any animal being subjected to animal testing in any capacity. We also chose to formulate our range as 100% vegan as using animal products or by-products is not necessary to create beautiful, effective skincare. 

Paying It Forward - PANDA 

You might not know this but as a company, Bohemian Skin donates 10cents from each sale to the not for profit organisation PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Association).

We chose to support PANDA as the work they do is very close to our family. After giving birth to our first child, I struggled with crippling postnatal anxiety. The PANDA helpline connected me with services to assist in my recovery. As a business owner, partnering with PANDA just made so much sense. With the ongoing support of our donations we hope to assist PANDA in raising awareness, increasing understanding and destigmatising perinatal mental illness. 

morgan's family - my struggles with acne and why I started bohemian skin

Thanks for joining me on my journey!

Love and light,

Morgan x

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How inspiring Morgan. What a transformation! Thanks for sharing.


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