An insight into the life of a Mother, Wife and Business Owner.

Seeing as I have formally introduced myself and my little family in our last blog post I thought I would give you all a small snapshot of what it is like to be a Mother, Wife and Business Owner; my life is never boring that is for sure!!
Running a business requires dedication and is seven days a week. Being a Mother and a Wife is 24/7. Doing all three means I am constantly busy doing what I love. 
Prior to becoming a Mum, I was never able to just sit at home- I always needed to be out and about doing something. When I became a Mum back in November I thought that this would change and that I would spend more time at home meaning more time to run our business while bub slept however this hasn't happened. Instead I run our business mainly through my phone while out and about- we are so lucky that everything is mobile and accessible through apps on our phones!
So, this brings me to the snapshot of what a typical day in our household looks like! 
Usually my morning starts at about 4am when my little man wakes for his first feed of the day. I feed him in bed with me and we both fall back asleep (no lectures on co sleeping pretty please) until 6:00am, we have some cuddles and up we get to begin our day. The three of us eat breakfast together, we get dressed and I check my emails and social media and get organised for the day. I compile a daily list that consists of things like returning emails and phone calls, scheduling social media posts, writing blog content, shipping out orders and planning for future events and meetings. While I do this Jagger usually has a play and I get started on my list before heading out for the morning. 
Most days we normally have something on in the mornings like a coffee catch up with  friends, Mothers group, swimming lessons, a business meeting or a baby/toddler event. I like to schedule these for around 9am so that I have enough time in between getting up and getting out to action some business things and pack orders ready to ship out. Jagger will nap at about 10am which works if we are out as he will nap in his pram and although I wouldn't call myself a full on routine Mother, I do like Jagger to have some sort of routine even when we are out. I am pretty lucky that he is quite an adaptable baby which I attribute to taking him out from a young age- he is able to sleep pretty much anywhere no matter what is going on! 
We generally stop into the post office on our way home from our morning outing to ship out orders, check our PO box and pick up postage supplies. Once we are back at home Jagger has had his morning nap and has a play while I run around and get household chores done, make lunch and respond to emails and phone calls. Some afternoons we head back out to the shops or the park and some we stay home so I can work while Jagger has his afternoon nap. We walk almost every afternoon by the water near our house and I make sure we are home by 5pm to start Jagger's bedtime routine and make dinner. After dinner Keenan and I like to relax before getting onto the last of our business list for the day. By 10:30pm I am exhausted and ready for bed to rest and get ready to do it all again the next day!
Being a Mother, a Wife and a Business Owner are all so rewarding and I feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity to be all three. 
Image of mother (and business owner) holding her new born baby.
Mother and Business Owner
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