2020 Skincare; A year in review

The Skincare industry is constantly evolving, and in 2020, it was no different. This year was filled with several beauty trends, from holistic beauty to face crystals. One thing is sure: people are investing more time in their skincare practices and are on the hunt for their life-changing products and practices to achieve #skingoals.

  1. Conscious Beauty

With society becoming more environmentally conscious and we shift towards conscious consumerism, the demand for eco-friendly, sustainable beauty products in 2020 was is in full force! From recyclable packaging to environmentally friendly processes, the beauty and skincare industry has been under the microscope with skincare companies taking sustainability and accountability in this space seriously.

  1. Clean Beauty:

In addition to sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, the demand toward the skincare products and the ingredients themselves to be eco-friendly and safe was also at an all-time high this year. We saw a spike in consumers opting for the natural and organic skincare products as people shift away from common skincare ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, sulphates, and artificial fragrances.

  1. Toners:

Toners are a key ingredient in achieving a clean and healthy complexion however is often a product that gets pushed to the back of the list. Toner helps rid the skin of stubborn dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and other nasties that cleansing couldn’t budge! Toner also helps to prepare the skin for ultimate product absorption. With people taking their skincare more seriously and doing their research this year, they have stumbled across the major benefits of toning.

  1. Holistic Beauty

The old saying “you are what you eat” really rang true to 2020. People were more focussed on what they were consuming and how other lifestyle factors in addition to diet were impacting their skin health and appearance. (Maybe this is why smashed avo on toast really thrived this year?)

  1. LED Light Therapy

Red, blue and yellow LED light therapy was hot on the 2020 skin trends list! LED light therapy is a popular non-invasive skin treatment with 2020 seeing an influx in people taking treatment into their own hands and enjoying LED light therapy for their own home!

  1. Crystals and Face Rollers

No-one has scrolled through their Insta feed this year without seeing the rose quartz face rollers and the crystal sculpting tools! Each crystal, whether it is rose quartz, jade or amethyst is said to have its own energy and healing properties that aid in skin health and improved appearance.  

With 2020 seeing most of the world confined to their home WAY more than usual and significantly reducing social outings, many people found themselves not wearing makeup as frequently and having the time to invest in their skincare. With more time to focus on what your skin needs and what new products and/or practices there are out there to try, 2020 was filled with skincare trends!

We know conscious and clean beauty is certainly high on many people’s radars and will continue to be well into 2021 and beyond, but we aren’t too sure if this time next year, people will still be rubbing their face with crystals. We shall wait and see!

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