Your skin during pregnancy and how the ingredients in our natural skincare products can help!

During pregnancy changes in the level of your hormones and your immune system can cause skin conditions that can often be unwanted and upsetting. As you would be aware many products used to alleviate conditions such as acne, dryness, itching and pigmentation that occur during pregnancy may not be safe to use.

Bohemian Skin is your 100% natural skincare solution to clear and radiant skin before, during and after your pregnancy to give you confidence and that 'pregnancy glow' at one of the most special and memorable times of your life. We use hempseed oil that hydrates your skin and reduces imperfections, witch hazel which reduces inflammation and lactic acid which reduces breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles leaving any pregnancy induced skin condition a thing of the past. Our beautiful organic skincare range is the perfect solution to all of your organic skincare needs. 

Image of pregnant woman holding her belly.

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