Adding Colour to Our New AHA Enzyme Exfoliant

adding colour to our best aha exfoliant australia

To celebrate the launch of our new AHA Enzyme Exfoliant we have commissioned Brisbane artist Holly Neilson to create a beautiful hand drawn illustration to profile the combination of amazing fruits and natural ingredients that help make up our unique formula.

The exfoliant is formulated with the safe and natural active ingredients of coconut water, lactic acid, orange, lemon, papaya and pomegranate enzymes and jojoba esters, which combined gently exfoliates and dissolves dead skin cells to reveal a soft, bright, even and radiant complexion.

Colour in our AHA Enzyme Exfoliant ingredients

Download your very own complimentary colouring in artwork here. It is the perfect way to practice mindfulness, engage in selfcare and a fun way to celebrate the beautiful natural skin loving ingredients in our exfoliant. ♥️

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