Australian Certified Organic (ACO)... what does that even mean?!

Every Day, More And More People Are Trying To Make Sure That The Products We Buy And Use Are Environmentally Friendly.

You’ll see the acronym ACO all over our website and our socials however it’s just occurred to me that that some of you may not be aware of what it actually stands for. ACO is Australian Certified Organic and is the certification we have to assure you that our range has undergone the most in depth and rigorous certification checks.

ACO Organic Certification

The Australian Certified Organic Standard is one of, if not the most well respected and rigorous certification standard in the world and is governed by Australian Organic Limited which is the not for profit industry governing body regulator. They are approved and accredited to act as a certifier for the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) and their whole systems approach allows consumers to rest assured that the ingredients in ACO products like ours are not just chemical free but the ingredients contained in them, are grown and processed with absolutely no synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMO’s. This holistic system requires products to be 100% natural meaning that absolutely nothing synthetic can pass through and audits every step of the process from farming the ingredients, manufacturing products to their wholesale and retail. This ensures that the entire process remains compliant and the end result is completely transparent in the way the product was made and it’s ingredients.

You will notice a “bud” logo on the back of our products- this logo can only be used on products that have gone through the certification process. Depending on the batch- the logo on your product will look like either one of these.

ACO Organic Certification - what does certified organic mean in australia?what does certified organic mean in australia? aco organic certification

You can read more about the ACO on their website

What does certified organic mean in Australia?

As labelling regulations can be murky here in Australia and the word ‘organic’ not currently regulated- be aware of products that claim to be ‘organic’. The term ‘certified’ is however regulated which means that labelling something as ‘certified organic’ is only allowed when certification has been applied for, received and current.

The beauty industry is a treacherous one and unfortunately a lot of products upon face value seem fine however when you look into their ingredients and the certifications they do or do not have it becomes clear that research is key and knowledge is power to ensure that what you are applying to your skin; your largest organ, day in and day out is the safest most effective option for you.

If you ever have any questions about our products, certifications or anything else please do not hesitate to reach out via email (, our socials or the contact us page on here!

Love, light and radiant skin,

The Bohemian Skin Team X

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