Decoding Your Product Ingredient List

Understanding your product ingredient list is the first step to building a skincare routine that’s free of any nasties and unsafe chemicals. Seeing past the ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ disclaimers slapped onto bottles and knowing what is actually inside the products that you’re putting on your skin will allow you to become a more conscious shopper. 

So, how can you decode your product ingredient list? 

Unless you’re a skincare wizard, you probably won’t understand the gobbledegook on the back of your cleanser. Luckily, that’s why ingredient checkers were created. These handy websites and apps break down the jargon and list out all of the ingredients that are actually inside your skincare products so that you can choose the safest option. 

When you consider all of the skincare, makeup, and household products you use each day, most with an average of 15 ingredients, this can add up to hundreds of potentially harmful toxins and chemicals that you could have absorbed into your bloodstream. With a skincare checker on standby, you’ll be able to make simple choices to minimise this toxic exposure and choose safer alternatives.   

Our Favourite Ingredient Checker apps - Bohemian skin organic skincare products

Check ingredients in cosmetics app

Our Favourite Ingredient Checkers 

CodeCheck app

CodeCheck makes the long and complicated list of product ingredients more transparent and comprehendible. By scanning the barcode of your cosmetics and even some foods, the app will display a rating and product recommendations based on the latest scientific research. It also gives information about how a product's ingredients and packaging affect the environment.  

Think Dirty App

All you need to do is scan the product barcode and Think Dirty will give you easy-to-understand info on your beauty, personal care and household products, including its ingredients and cleaner options that are available. 


Swinging away from scannable apps, SkinCarisma is an easy to use website that allows you to search for your products and lists their ingredients as well as breaks them down into their benefits and suitability for each skin type. It also tells you if the product contains any parabens, alcohol, silicones and sulphates. 

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