Dehydrated Skin? Here are 5 simple ways to hydrate your skin

Five simple ways to hydrate your skin - natural skincare australia

How to rejuvenate dehydrated skin

Finding your skin hasn’t quite recovered from the months spent indoors? Or still tight from this winter’s harsh breezes? If you answered yes to either of these questions you might have dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin means there is a lack of water in the top layer of your skin also known as ‘stratum corneum’, leaving you with dry and tight patches of skin. Dehydrated skin can be caused by a number of reasons, like the environment or your diet, but regardless most of us will experience it from time to time and we can all agree it is less than ideal. Luckily it isn’t too hard to manage and treat. We’ve got your back beauty, here are 5 simple ways to turn your skin from thirsty to thriving! 

1. Drink more water! 

The first step towards plump, hydrated skin is to hydrate from the inside out. Drinking more water is the cheapest, most simple way to hydrate your skin. This helps by not only hydrating your body, but by assisting in flushing out toxins. When your body is struggling to eliminate toxins, they have the bad habit of showing up in the quality of your skin. So next time you go to grab a coffee or a sugary drink, give it a miss and drink water instead.  

2. Use a moisturiser with moisturising ingredients! 

This one seems self-explanatory but hear me out! So many products on the market, whether they are marketed as natural skincare, organic skincare, raw skincare etc are sold as moisturisers but contain ingredients that are doing the complete opposite. These products sneak in nasty and frankly unnecessary ingredients such as parabens (preservatives), fragrances, and alcohol. These ingredients should be avoided at all costs as they can strip your skin causing dehydration and irritation. Make way for natural skincare products that only include safe and nourishing ingredients.  

A key ingredient that will help you hydrate your skin is Hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a powerful moisture binding ingredient that promotes plump, hydrated, and youthful skin. If you’re suffering from dehydrated skin we recommend adding our Rejuvenating HY C Serum into your daily skincare regime. This bottle of happiness contains all-natural ingredients so it won’t irritate the skin and cause further dehydration and it’s packed full of the hydration hero, hyaluronic acid! 

3. Skip the long hot showers 

A guaranteed way to increase the hydration in your skin, is to stop using piping hot water on your face. A hot shower is one of the best ways to wake yourself up in the morning, or wind down at the end of the day. However, as satisfying as it may feel in the moment, it is doing more harm than good for the hydration levels in your skin. Long, hot showers strip your skin of its natural oils that help the skin to stay plump and dewy. So, keep the hot showers to a minimum, or wash your face in the basin, whatever works for you!  

4. Cleansing isn’t the enemy!  

If you have dehydrated skin, you are often told the myth that you should avoid cleansing all together. Finding the perfect cleanser for your skin can be hard, but it is still important to achieving a balanced and hydrated complexion. Similarly to finding the right moisturiser, source a cleanser that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that commonly cause irritation and dryness such as synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and phthalates. Using an all-natural cleanser will be gentle on the skin allowing the cleanser to rid the skin’s surface from nasties, but not damage or strip the skin. Our gentle gel cleanser is formulated with hempseed oil which helps to balance the skin’s oil production and hydrates without giving you that shiny look.  

5. Protect your skin from the sun! 

Once you stop seeing sunscreen as strictly for beach or pool days, you will start seeing positive changes in the appearance and texture of your skin. When your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays without protection, the skin cells can be damaged causing dryness, dullness and skin pigmentation. A day in the sun leaves you parched for a cold gulp of H20, it will also have your skin crying out for hydration. Daily SPF daily is an absolute must!  

Treating dehydrated skin can include a number of different methods including gentle natural skincare, hydrating from within and general day-to-day additions. Follow our guide and your skin with love you for it! 

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