Five Ways Your Skin Can Change During Pregnancy

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The biggest thing to remember when it comes to pregnancy is that everyone is different, and everyone is going to have a different experience. Just like everyone’s skin varies person to person in day-to-day life, there are many varied reactions that skin can have to the stages of pregnancy.

That being said, you’re carrying a baby in you, for goodness sake! Given your body is busy building a little one (or… two, maybe even three plus!) there’s likely going to be a degree of change that you can anticipate when it comes to your skin during pregnancy. Sometimes it’s the beautiful mum-to-be glow we all know and love, and other times, well… it’s not quite as fabulous.

Here at Bohemian Skin, we get a lot of questions about how pregnancy affects a woman’s skin, particularly as our organic skincare range is perfectly suited for life during (as well as before and after) pregnancy, including breastfeeding. Here are five ways your skin might change while you’re growing your bub.

You may notice some dark patches

Often referred to as the ‘mask of pregnancy’, the scientific term for those pesky dark splotchy spots that can appear on your face during pregnancy is melasma. These spots often occur on your forehead and cheeks as a result of increased pigmentation due to increased hormones. Nearly 50% of women show some signs of ‘the mask of pregnancy’, so rest assured, you’re not alone.

You might break out…

Some women might not experience a single pimple during pregnancy, while others end up with more breakouts than they did as a teenager. Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the hormones. The good news? Flare ups tend to happen during your first trimester, when hormones are surging the most, so if you haven’t experienced any breakout issues by then, you might be in the clear (literally). If pimples are bothering you, wash your face twice a day using a gel cleanser. Gel cleansers are water-based and are super gentle, meaning they won’t leave your skin more susceptible to further irritation. Make sure you always finish off with a non-comedogenic moisturiser, as oil stripped skin is more prone to breakouts, which is one thing you don’t need!

You might glow baby, glow!

It’s not all doom and gloom! A combination of those pesky hormones that cause breakouts and dark patches, along with oil and an increase of blood volume, can also make skin seem incandescent when you’re expecting! Your organs receive more oxygen and nutrients during pregnancy, and guess what? Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, meaning it’s receiving all the perks, too! So, buckle in, and get ready to start receiving the classic ‘Oh my gosh, you’re glowing!’ comments when you run into old friends at the supermarket.

You might feel a little sensitive… and we’re not just talking about your emotions

Your emotions aren’t going to be the only thing going on a rollercoaster over the course of nine months, but your skin will also experience increased sensitivity. This includes feeling more sensitive to products and materials that have never been an issue before, such as skincare or jewellery! Given this, it’s generally advised that you use gentle natural and organic skincare products, and always test anything new you’re putting on your skin on your wrist or behind your ear before you use them.

You might notice some new growths (not just the baby!)

While your new best friend is taking up residence in your body, so are some other (potentially far more unwelcome) guests. We’re talking about skin tags. Often, women might notice harmless, small growths attached to the body by a small narrow base, particularly in high friction areas such as the underarms, under your breasts, where your bra rubs, or the base of your neck. Generally, you’ll be in the clear from these in the first trimester, but they might start appearing from the second trimester onwards. This is a result of elevated estrogen and progesterone, which stimulate the growth of skin… can’t the body be so cool and creepy?!

So, there you have it! Of course, there are a plethora of things that can happen to your skin during pregnancy and outlined above are just a few that you might experience during your pregnancy ride. There’s not much you can do to prevent skin changes during pregnancy, so it’s important to develop a pregnancy skincare routine that works to manage any changes you experience - check out our ultimate skincare routine blog for some tips on creating the perfect daily skincare routine. To browse our range of ethical skincare that is 100% pregnancy suitable click here.

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