Four Natural Ways to Level up your Mask Game

It might sound strange, but there are plenty of items in your fridge or pantry that could help to make your skin glow! So, next time you pop on your Bohemian Skin Facial Mask, add a few of these everyday items to your self-care routine for other body parts that could use some extra love. Who said your face gets to have all the fun?!

  1. Coconut oil for your hair

Coconut oil is a versatile product that can be eaten or applied to you skin or hair. It’s great in smoothies, as a substitute for cooking oil – and as a conditioning mask for your hair! (Even the Kardashian’s are all about the coconut oil hair mask!)

Before you pop on your facial mask, coat your hair in coconut oil then wrap it up in a towel. Focus on coating the ends, then work your way up using less and less the higher you get towards your scalp.

Once your mask is done, wash it off in the shower then wash out your hair, using shampoo and conditioner as usual. Your hair should feel softer and have a beautiful shine to it, and it will be better protected and stronger for styling.

Pro tip: Coconut oil can be solid at room temperature, so warm it up to make it easier to spread through your hair.  

  1. Honey and sugar scrub for your lips

Keep busy while you’ve got your mask on by digging out these sweet ingredients to make up a delicious scrub for luscious lips. Your lips are exposed to just as much weather, bacteria and built up skin cells as the rest of your body, but they often get less care than the rest of your skin. This scrub will gently exfoliate and moisturise your lips leaving them feeling super lush.

Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar, then rub onto your lips using small, circular motions. Leave the scrub in place for around 10 minutes, or as long as you’ve got your mask on, then wash off with warm water.

Pro tip: Have some lip balm handy to pop on once you’ve washed the scrub off.

  1. Cucumber for your eyes

This is an oldie but a goodie. Grab a cold cucumber from your refrigerator and chop two slices off to pop over your eyes while your mask sets. Cucumber contains Vitamin C and folic acid, and has been shown to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

This tried and tested addition to your beauty regime can also moisturise your skin and stimulate antioxidant production.

Pro tip: Make sure that the cucumber is nice and cold before you pop those slices on your eyes.

  1. Coffee scrub for your décolletage

Coffee scrubs may have reached fad status a few years ago, but it turns out they can actually be really beneficial for your skin.

Ground coffee beans are an ideal exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and radiant. Coffee scrubs can significantly boost collagen and elastin production, as well as protecting skin against moisture loss, creating strength and elasticity – and they couldn’t be easier to make at home.

Mix half a cup of freshly ground coffee with half a cup of brown sugar. Bind it all together with a solid dose of coconut oil until it reaches the consistency you like for a body scrub. Apply anywhere, but we love a good scrub on the neck and collarbones as this area of your body is often exposed and in need of some extra nourishment.

Pro tip: Follow up with some thick moisturiser once you’ve washed the scrub away.

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