How I Found the Best Skincare for Pregnancy

Pregnant woman using skincare that is safe. Her guide on pregnancy skincare.Did you know that not all skincare is pregnancy safe? I didn’t – until I fell pregnant. Once I started thinking about replacing all the potentially harmful products in my life, I realised they were even in my skincare routine! So I went on a mission to find the best skincare for pregnancy.

What is pregnancy safe skincare?

If a skincare product is labelled as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’, it must be good for you, right? Wrong! There is actually a great deal of complexity around these types of labels, and some products might only need to contain one organic ingredient to be able to label their product as ‘organic’.

Even those products which are 100% natural and organic can include ingredients that have been suspected to be harmful to pregnancies, like aloe vera.

It takes a bit more research, but you can find products that are safe and suitable for pregnancy if you look hard enough.

Finding the best skincare for you

Every body is different, and has different wants and needs. Pregnancy is no different – there are a lot of different ways to manage your experience and it’s important to do what’s right for you.

When I was talking to friends about being newly pregnant, one of them asked me if I’d started looking at my skincare. She knew I’d always invested in my skincare and used a wide range of lotions and potions to maintain a healthy complexion. I didn’t know why she was asking until she told me that she’d heard that not all skincare products should be used during pregnancy.

I did some research, and while there are no definitive answers here, it did make me question what I was putting on my skin more generally – there were so many letters, numbers and unrecognisable words on the labels of my most-loved products, not to mention the price tags that came with them.

The general advice I found was that it was a good choice to switch to natural, organic skincare during pregnancy to avoid any potential risks, but to always check with your doctor about specific ingredients and products. 

Choosing Bohemian Skin

A few months ago I had heard a friend raving about her new skincare from Bohemian Skin, and telling me all about how it was natural and organic, and Australian-made. At the time I didn’t think much of it – I was pretty swift to rubbish the ‘natural’ trend in favour of my chemical combinations that were working for me at the time.

But, given my decision to switch things up now that I had a baby on board, I found myself revisiting the brand and realising I had nothing to lose by making the switch and giving it a try. I started with the Gel Cleanser and Facial Moisturiser combo, which combined were still around half the price of a single serum of the brand I’d been using until then!

When my products arrived, I eagerly gave them a go, telling myself it would be a few weeks before I saw a result and preparing myself for breakouts and oiliness – the two biggest skin problems I’d been battling my entire life.

To my surprise, the products made my skin feel fresh, clear and totally balanced within the first week. Within a month, my skin felt the best it has ever been. I’m now six months into my pregnancy and four months into my Bohemian Skin journey, and I think it’s safe to say I’m a convert for good. 

Ultimately, there isn’t any real conclusive evidence to show which types of skincare or products are safe or unsafe during pregnancy - it’s just something that isn’t safe to test, so incredibly hard to know for sure. In saying that, by using natural and organic skincare I’ve got peace of mind that it’s pregnancy suitable and the best skin I’ve ever had.  

Shop the Bohemian Skin pregnancy suitable skincare range here.  

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