How To Layer Skincare

Welcome to your skincare layering masterclass! We’re here to set the record straight on exactly how to layer your skincare products for glowing results, so that the next time you come face to face with your mirror, confused on which product to apply when, you’ll be in the know. 

In the world of skincare, there are so many “must-have” products to complete your skincare regime. While some people might use two products, others may use ten, either way, there’ll be times where you’ll find yourself layering your products one on top of another. This is totally fine, however, learning to layer your products the right way can make all the difference when it comes to getting the best results.

So, let’s pull back the layers (had to..) on the best way to apply skincare!

How To Layer Your Bohemian Skin Products In The Morning

How To Layer Your Bohemian Skin Products At Night

Okay, so you might need to get some screenshots of that because we know it can be a lot to remember. The basic idea is that you should be applying your products in an order that will allow each product to absorb most effectively.

However, for ingredients to be absorbed properly into the skin, you’ll need a fresh face that’s totally cleaned of any oils or grime that might build up during the day or night. Enter, your makeup removal (at night), cleansing (we’re big fans of the double cleanse), and exfoliation (but please for the love of the skincare gods only 2-3 times per week).

The most heavy lifting in your skincare routine is done by the products with the most active ingredients, and these are typically found in your serums. That’s why serums and other treatments should always go on earlier in your routine, and then you can seal the deal with your less active products later.

If you’re not sure where your product fits into the categories above, a great general rule of thumb is to apply your products in order of their consistency. Always start with the more watery formulas first and then move on to the thicker products later. The reason for this comes back to giving your products the best possible opportunity to be absorbed by the skin. If you’re applying your thicker formulas first, they’re probably going to prevent the thinner products from penetrating the skin and doing their job properly. 

Now that you’re a skincare wizard (ish) go forth, spoil your face with beautiful products, and bask in the glory of knowing you’re applying your skincare like a true professional!

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