How To Refresh Your Beauty Routine

refresh your beauty cabinet with these tips - organic skincare australia

Whether you have a minimal 3-step beauty routine or you have a stockpile of skincare and makeup laying around, cleaning out your beauty cabinet will allow you to make space for the products you love. 

This is your sign to give your beauty shelf a well-deserved refresh with these 5 simple steps! 

Declutter your beauty shelf 

If your shelf is full of hardly used products that you know you’re never going to need or use again, it’s time to break up with them for good. When getting rid of old products, make sure you recycle and dispose of them wisely. We recommend using TerraCycle

If you come across multiple double-ups on the expedition of your beauty cabinet (yes, we’re talking to you over there with 12 different cleansers!), you may want to consider passing some products along to your family and friends to enjoy. 

Check expiry dates 

This is also a good chance to have a peek at your products' expiry dates to make sure they’re all still in date. Skincare and makeup products that are outdated are not only less effective but can also cause irritation and damage to your skin - no thanks! 

Organise your products  

Okay, now is the fun part for all of you organised queens out there. Order the surviving products from your decluttering so that the products you reach for the most are at the front and those that you don’t use as often in the back. If you have more than one of each product keep them organised together (serums here, moisturisers there, you know the drill). 

Clean your beauty tools 

Cleaning beauty tools is one of those things we all know we SHOULD be doing, but never really do often enough. Skincare tools like makeup brushes, konjac sponges and swipey pads are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and should be cleaned regularly, but take this as your reminder to get down to business and give them a thorough clean. 

Renew what’s needed 

During your beauty cabinet refresh, you may have stumbled across a few essential products that you’re missing. Rejoice! Now is the time to replace some of those dusty old expired products with shiny new ones.
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