How to self-care like a Miss Universe Australia Beauty

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Self-care. It's a lifestyle choice.

During the COVID-19 quarantine period we have seen so many men and woman practicing self-care – which is incredible… BUT we shouldn’t have to wait until we are forced to stay in our homes indefinitely to take the time to focus on ourselves.

Life is busy, things get in the way and priorities get shifted. It is hard to say no to certain things to prioritise self care, however it is an absolute must. 

Being a partner of Miss Universe Australia 2020, we have learnt so much from this group of amazing, strong, kind and inspirational women. To give you some self-care inspo, we are sharing how some of our fav Miss Universe Australia finalists love taking care of numero uno.

 1. #SelfcareSundays


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I had a list of things I wanted to do today, but for the first time in a few weeks I decided to wipe the slate clean and have a lazy day in bed with a movie. I really owe it to myself to get better at making R&R days a guilt-free, priority. Especially now that separating the days is reliant on us adding structure to our routine, the expectation to be productive can be overbearing. It’s okay to need time off and to just relax. Self care is paramount in this time. I took the afternoon off and tried new skincare by @bohemianskin. I can’t stress enough how much of a delight it has been to feel the care and support of the @missuniverseaustralia.official family and their incredible partners in this time. If only you knew how much time, effort and thought they invest in making us feel seen, valued and treated whilst we are all distancing. Forever grateful. - I tried @bohemianskin’s Gel Cleanser & Moisturiser because they’re Aussie made, natural, vegan and cruelty free. I won’t use anything that is highly comedogenic and I’m pleased to say the products are not - the Cleanser in particular is highly acne safe. My skin felt smooth, bright and I’m ready to settle in with movie #2. Happy lazy Sunday. ✨❤️ - - #MissUniverseAustralia #MissUniverse #BohemianSkin #PinkTankEvents

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Self-care Sundays have become a trend on Insta and what a vibe! Dedicating a day to practice self care is so important. By picking a day to show yourself love and respect is the least you can do. If you just leave self care to “when I get a chance” … we know you will barely ever get the time!

Miss Universe Australia beauties @summahtaylor and @mariathattil share their love for self care Sundays.  Both ladies enjoy getting their natural skincare on using our gentle gel cleanser and organic facial moisturiser before kicking up their feet and taking some time for a little R&R. 

2. Fresh air


As simple as it sounds, letting your lungs feed off fresh air does wonders! Getting out of the house, getting your body moving, soaking up some good-ol’ vitamin D is a simple but effective way you can practice self-care.

So, step away from that computer or press pause on that Netflix episode, pop on some runners and take a stroll outside and let your body enjoy that fresh air. Thanks @emilytokic for the inspo!

3. Mindset


Most of the time, our biggest critic is ourselves. We can be tough on ourselves and ultimately the stress and pressure we put on ourselves can sometimes lead to poor self-worth. Focussing on your mindset is essential for our wellbeing and an integral part of self-care. Self-care from within is just as important as self-care on the outside. So, while you're relaxing with that face mask on, try some mindfulness exercises to help with your wellbeing. The gorgeous @brookerogers shares some beautiful words to help motivate you to invest in a positive mindset.

4. Exercise


There are many benefits of exercise on our health and wellbeing. Keeping active is a powerful tool to help combat common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. When you exercise your body releases endorphins. These endorphins are commonly referred to as “feel-good hormones” as they trigger positive feelings in the body and mind. A great way to practice some self-care is to get active and release those feel-good endorphins. @tashamarciano loves working up a sweat to work towards being the healthiest and happiest version of herself.

5. Skincare


To self-care Hollywood style, kick up your feet, pour yourself a glass of wine and pop on that face mask (don’t forget the obligatory cucumber slices on the eyes). By showing your skin some love and treating it to natural skin-loving goodness and taking the time to sit back and relax, you are taking care of your skin and your mind!

A daily skincare routine is a way to squeeze some self-care in every single day. @taylordavey1 always makes time for her morning and night natural skincare routine with our gentle gel cleanser.

Love yourself and prioritise self-care beauties x

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