Is your skincare safe?!

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When was the last time you looked at your skincare products and checked what they contained?!

Unfortunately lack of regulations allow self care production to contain certain ingredients that can be harmful and in some cases downright dangerous to apply to your skin; your largest organ.

As consumers we often don’t have the time to research into every ingredient and I’m sure some of the time we are too busy to even have a look at the ingredients lists. I thought we’d share our knowledge on some things to look out for in products so you’re able to make a more informed decision on what you are putting on your face. 

Ingredients to avoid:

*Parabens* -butylparaben -methylparaben -propylparaben -hydroxybenzoic acid -hydroxybenzoate -ester

*Phthalates* -butyl benzyl phthalate (BBzP) -dibutyl phthalate (DnBP) -di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) -diethyl phthalate (DEP) -di-butyl phthalate (DBP) -dicyclohexyl phthalate (DcHP) -di-isoheptyl phthalate

*Petrochemicals* -propylene -ethylene -butadiene -benzene -xylen

*Sulphates* -sodium laureth sulphate -sodium lauryl sulphate -ammonium lauryl sulphate

*Urea* -imidazolidinyl urea -diazolidinyl urea

*Formaldehyde* -2-bromo-2nitropropane-1,3 diol -DMDM Hydantoin -quaternium -15 -Cormalin -formic aldehyde -sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate -methenamine -bronopol

*Phenoxyethanol* -2-phenoxy -ethanol -2-hydroxyethyl phenyl ether

*Chemical Sunscreens* -padimate-O -PABA -octinoxate -benzophenone -oxybenzone -octyl-methoxycinnamate -homosalate

*Polyethylene/PEGs* *Mineral Oil* *Isopropyl Alcohol* *Fragrance/Parfum* *Propylene Glycol* *Nanoparticles* *Cyclomethicone* *Talc* *Triclosan*

All Bohemian Skin products are free from all the above and all nasties and chemicals. They are all 100% natural, made with Australian certified organic (ACO) ingredients, Vegan, cruelty free and Australian made. Sustainable, effective skincare that’s good for you and guilt free 🙌🏻🌿


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