Itchy, Dry Skin During Pregnancy & What To Do

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When you're pregnant you're practically superhuman. Your body is working around the clock to nurture this little life or lives growing inside you. We're here to help you understand why you may be feeling more like a reptile with dry and itchy skin rather than a goddess when pregnant as not all of us are lucky and experience that pregnancy glow others do!  

Is dry skin during pregnancy normal? 

Experiencing itchy skin during pregnancy is a part of the circle of life. That’s right, it’s normalYour body is producing extra blood and body fluid with the goal of growing and sustaining the baby. Every drop of moisture including the moisture from your skin is redirected to more vital parts of the body to ensure your bub has everything it needs  

Common areas for dry and itchy skin when pregnant 

Think of the stretch marks on your belly as the little roads that are leading to motherhood. As your body undergoes this transition, the effects of changing hormones and loss of skin elasticity will result in changes in your skin’s texture and appearance. Increased blood production, oil secretion and dry skin will be experienced by most pregnant women. The most noticeable areas of dry and itchy skin are usually the thighs, arms and breasts.  

Tips for caring for your dry or itchy skin when pregnant 

Our four top tips: 

  1. Hydrate! It’s an easy fix this one – consume more water, you’re drinking for two now. Ensure you’re as hydrated as you can possibly be which will help give your skin some added moisture.  
  1. Use a gentle pregnancy suitable face cleanser to avoid irritation and potentially encouraging dryness.  
  1. Treat yourself to a bath with your favourite skin nourishing oils. 
  1. While you’re completing your Sunday night self-care routine, finish off with a hydrating facial mask to lock in and boost moisture on your face.  

What to avoid on your quest to relieving dry skin 

Be diligent with what you are using on your skin and avoid products that include these bad boys: 

  • Retinol
  • Retin-A  
  • Retinoic acid 
  • Tretinoin 

Keep an eye out for products that contain these ingredients and products that are derived from Vitamin A.  

It’s a whirlwind of new information of what you should and shouldn’t do when pregnant but just know we’ve got your back when it comes to looking after your skin. Head to our blog to learn more about pregnancy suitable skincare 

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