Mastering Masking: How to prepare, apply and keep the glow going

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 The at-home facial is having a huge moment in the spotlight, and our Facial Mask is the perfect product for the job!

Sure, there’s nothing better than splurging on some self care at your favourite spa, being cocooned in weighted blankets, enjoying a temple massage and finishing it all off with a cup of herbal tea.

But there’s not always the opportunity to pamper yourself salon style, but an at-home facial with quality products can scratch that itch, especially when you make it a ritual.

So, grab your favourite natural skincare products, light some scented candles and follow our tips to indulge in a relaxing and rejuvenating facial all from the comfort of your own bathroom with the help of our Australian made skincare range.

Cleanse (and then cleanse again!)

Getting rid of any unwanted nasties from your skin such as dirt, excess oils and makeup is essential for healthy skin, which is why you need to kick things off with a clean slate for your mask. Start off your at-home facial with a deep cleanse using our gel cleanser. Gel cleansers are water-based, so they are gentle on the skin and won’t dry it out.

Get steamy

You want to open those pores up, to ensure your mask can well and truly penetrate your skin, making sure it’s doing its job as best as it possibly can. Steaming your face helps loosen any dirt or contaminants left clogging pores, and the heat will induce sweating which helps flush them out even more. This will help your skin absorb all the natural and certified organic ingredients in your mask. You can find a handy guide to steaming your face at home here.

Tone it up, not down!

Some people love toning, others think it doesn’t do much, but we think it’s an essential step in your natural skincare routine. While your skin is still wet from the steam, grab your purifying toner, apply it liberally onto clean hands or a cotton pad, and wipe all over your face and down your neck. This will increase hydration and product absorption. After applying toner, wait a couple of minutes before moving on to the next step.

Pop on the mask (and your favourite Netflix show!)

Hurrah! We made it to the holy grail of skin care steps – the mask! This is the easy part. Massage our vegan and cruelty free certified Facial Mask into your skin from your hairline all the way down the neck . Once you’re satisfied with the level of product on your face (coverage should be completely even, avoiding the eye area), you can leave it on for a minimum of 20 minutes, or until the mask becomes almost transparent and your face feels tight. When you’re ready to remove your mask (or when Netflix hits you with that blank end-of-episode screen), remove your mask with lukewarm water. For extra exfoliation, you can remove with a small amount of water and your fingertips moving in a circular motion.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Thought you were finished?! Not quite! You want to lock in all the goodness from your at-home pamper, and keep your skincare working throughout the night (or day, if you’re a morning mask-er!). Finish with a targeted hydrating serum, eye cream and moisturiser, and get ready for the compliments to start flowing at your glowing skin!

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