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There are so many wonderful resources for the modern mother offering guidance and wisdom throughout pregnancy and beyond. Throughout this time it’s important to know that you are supported as a mother, an individual, and as a woman. We wanted to share some of our favourite tools and products to help you embrace self-love and thrive throughout this sacred chapter of your life. 

1. The First Forty Days

For all of those transitioning into the postpartum period after childbirth, this will be your go-to guide for nourishing your body. Being a new mother requires essential care for your body and soul and The First Forty Days offers the perfect resource of simple and healing recipes, as well as practical and holistic advice for new mothers. This book is the ultimate companion during the initial phases of motherhood. 

2. Organic Cotton Nursing Bra  

If you’re into treating yourself and feeling fabulous we’ve got the perfect nursing bra for you. Born from the desire to create beautiful maternity undergarments that support women from bump and beyond, this nursing bra from Olliella is a beautiful garment for breastfeeding mums. Made to be comfortable, practical and perfect for lounging and those late-night feeds. It’s also made from 93% organic cotton which is a big yes for us. 

3. Pregnancy & Recovery Shorts

Let’s face it, recovery is a big part of life postpartum - and SRC is here to make that process just that little bit easier for you. SRC Recovery Shorts provide the support that new mothers need to heal quicker and move more freely postpartum so that they can get back to enjoying healthier motherhood. As we are well aware, pregnancy and childbirth push the female form to the extreme, and SRC provides a range of garments that are not only extra comfortable but also provide essential support for the body, especially for those healing C-section wounds, perineal trauma, and episiotomy wounds. 

4. Pregnancy Journal 

This beautiful little pregnancy journal offers an intentional space to guide you through your pregnancy from conception through to childbirth. Journaling allows for a moment of mindful reflection and intention setting each day and the best part is that you’ll also have a place to look back on and remember the journey of growing your baby. Featuring pages for weekly updates and thoughts, bump photos, birth plans, names, appointments, nursery plans and other essentials for your pregnancy journey.

5. Bohemian Skin

When you first find out that you are pregnant, all the things you’re told you should and shouldn’t be doing can seem overwhelming. At Bohemian Skin, we wanted to help expecting mothers and modern women have one less thing to worry about by providing an effective skincare range that’s 100% suitable before, during and after pregnancy. You can use our 100% natural skincare range without fear of ingredients that are not pregnancy safe and what it might be doing to your body beneath the skin. 

6. Australian Birth Stories Podcast & Courses 

Calling all podcast lovers, this one’s for you! Australian Birth Stories is a weekly podcast sharing no judgement stories of pregnancy and childbirth with lots of heart. The podcast showcases women’s first-hand accounts of pregnancy and childbirth in Australia in order to educate and inspire you during your pregnancy, birth, early parenthood, and beyond.

The host of this amazing podcast also has an 8-part audio Discovering Parenthood course to help you feel more educated, empowered and confident as you transition into motherhood. The course is designed to provide you with a toolbox of trustworthy advice from experts guiding you on things like breastfeeding, mental health, recovery, physical and emotional development, libido, intimacy and (re)connecting with your partner post‑birth and so much more.

7. Butterfly Maternity Pillow 

A 100% Australian made and owned pregnancy pillow that looks just as cute as it sounds. The Butterfly Maternity Pillow has unique butterfly-like wings to cradle your bump and support your back during those months where sleep is such a precious commodity. Sleep quality is so important and this life-changing pillow makes for an infinitely more comfortable sleep. 


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