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I've been getting a lot of questions on social media and via email about our beautiful organic skincare products. Specifically about their order of use and the different ways to use them. I have been meaning to do up a FAQ page on our website (I will still do this- there never seems to be enough hours in they day right?!) but thought that a quick blog post (the blog has been severely neglected- oops.. that's what happens when your plate is overflowing I guess).
As you all know skincare isn't one size fits all and the order you use your products in or how you use them differs from person to person however I want to explain the order they were designed to be used in and the reasons behind this!
The below bohemian skin organic skincare routine should be used morning and night with the only difference being cleansing twice of a night- first to remove excess makeup and second to actually cleanse the skin.  


Step 1:
Gel Cleanser- splash your face and neck with lukewarm water and using a 10 cent piece sized amount of cleanser lather in a circular motion. Rinse and pat dry. 
Lathering with lukewarm water encourages your pores to open so the cleanser can penetrate into the layers of your skin removing any bacteria. Make sure the water is lukewarm and not hot or cold. Lots of people believe you should wash with hot water to open pores and rinse in cold water to close them however this is a myth!!! The dramatic temperature change from hot to cold will actually do more harm than good as the different extremes can cause excessive dryness, irritation and blood vessels to rupture! It is also important to not rush, you want the cleanser to do it's job so make sure you spend at least 1-2 minutes lathering the cleanser into your face focussing on your problem areas. When drying your face and neck it is important to pat dry rather than rub or wipe. Rubbing or wiping can irritate your skin and cause dryness which is not what you want!! Make sure you are using a towel or cloth that is clean and used only for your face as to not transfer any unwanted bacteria. These things although simple can really make a massive difference to the health of your skin. Also the amount of cleanser you use is up to you- a 10 cent piece size is just a guide. 
Step 2:
Purifying Toner- apply liberally onto clean hands or a clean cotton ball/pad and wipe/pat onto face from the inside out. Alternatively, transfer some toner into a new, sanitised, bpa free spray bottle and spritz onto face.
The toner is designed to stay on your skin so wait a minute or two for it to absorb into your face before applying your next product. The toner works to tighten your pores and reduce any inflammation as well as removing any dirt or bacteria left behind from cleansing. It also helps to keep your PH levels at 4.7 to 5 which is ideal for the skin as well as hydrating and soothing to create the perfect balance for beautiful looking and feeling skin. 
Step 3:
Spot Assist- this step is optional dependant on your skin concerns and whether or not you have any blemishes to treat. Once the toner has absorbed apply a small dab of spot assist to any blemishes and lightly pat into the spot until absorbed.
The Spot Assist is applied prior to moisturising to allow maximum absorption into the skin to treat the blemish. It reduces redness and swelling, promotes the healing process and speeds up healing time as well as preventing future blemishes from appearing.  
Step 4:
Facial Moisturiser- the final step of your skincare routine is to moisturise. Apply a pea sized amount of moisturiser onto your finger tips and apply gently to face and neck until absorbed. 
A common misconception is if you have oily skin you do not need to moisturise which is completely the wrong advice!! Regardless of your skin type moisturiser is essential as it helps to balance the natural oils and PH of your skin. You will find that oily skin if often the result of not enough moisture. Dehydrated skin tries to compensate with its lack of moisture by producing excess oil. It is a vicious cycle until you start to work with your skin by moisturising and not stripping natural oils.
Weekly Facial Mask 
Once a week of an evening to exfoliate your skin a Facial Mask is a must! After completely removing any makeup and double cleansing apply the facial mask with your fingers of a mask brush avoiding the eye area but ensuring even, full coverage over your face and neck. The facial mask can be left on for as long as you would like (Sophie Guidolin leaves hers on overnight) but at a minimum of 20 minutes or until the mask becomes almost transparent and your face feels tight. Remove with lukewarm water and cleanser. For extra exfoliation you can remove with a small amount of lukewarm water and your fingertips exfoliating in a circular motion.  
I hope this helps you understand the way our 100% natural skincare products were designed to be used to get the best results and to ensure your skin looks and feels amazing! 
I would love to know if your routine differs from this how and why as well as any feedback. I always love hearing from you guys! 
Love, light and beautiful skin,
Morgan X 
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