Our Guide to a Mindful Silly Season

We can all agree it has been an extra hard year for everyone, and this silly season is about to receive a particularly warm welcome. For many of us, this Christmas break is the first time we will be seeing friends and family this year, giving us the perfect time to celebrate and kiss 2020 goodbye.  

However, with the festive season upon us, we might start to see ourselves falling out of our routines and neglecting our health and wellbeing including our skincare routine. This often leaves us feeling less than great, resulting in what we would call a ‘Christmas hangover’and it takes us almost all of January to get back on track.    

While letting loose and falling out of routine is completely okay, and definitely not something to beat yourselves up about, here are some simple tips and tricks to help you combat all that Christmas cheer that isn’t always so kind to your body, mind and soul!  

Conscious eating  

As our social calendars fill up, so do our glasses and plates! If you are anything like us, then food and alcohol are one of your favourite parts of the holidaysIn order to consume mindfully and to look after your skin during this period, you don’t have to miss out. Instead, its all about making small swaps here and there and being mindful in choosing what to indulge in.  

HOT TIP: Candy canes, while they may be a festive fave and readily available at every turn, we urge you to step away from them! Sugar is one of the main culprits for breakouts and can also promote early signs of ageing… and candy canes are FULL of sugar (11 grams per serving to be exact)So, ask yourself, is it worth it? 

Conscious drinking  

It is always best to try and avoid sugary beverages at the best of times… but Christmas time is certainly the time for it 

Now, before you ignore this tip entirely, note we are not suggesting you skip out on the complimentary booze this Christmas, instead just alter your options. 

  • Swap your usual mixer for a soda and lime. With next to no sugar, both your head and your skin will thank you for this. Say goodbye to hangovers and hello to happy skin.   
  • Highest ranking on the sugar list are liqueurs. Stick to a standard spirit to keep the festivities flowing!  
  • Wine not (see what we did there) swap out your second glass of Champagne, Riesling, or Moscato for a dry white or glass of red. With less sugar, these are equally as festive without all that extra sugar! 

Be aware of your surroundings  

Living in Australia, our Christmas looks a little bit different to the rest of the world. Snow, ugly patterned sweaters and fireplaces are swapped out for backyard cricket, stubby coolers and spending all day in the pool. UV rays from the sun are particularly harsh come December 25, so it is super important to introduce SPF into your holiday routine. And if you are in a colder climateit’s all about moisturising to keep skin from drying out 

AND, if you find yourself lucky enough to be surrounded by the ocean this festive season, you’re in luck! The benefits of Vitamin C PLUS Vitamin SEA can help to revitalise your tired skin and leave you with a true holiday glow!  

  • Vitamin C, which can be naturally absorbed from time in the sun, is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from damaging UV exposure and also helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots! As a natural regeneration body, Vitamin C also helps to repair damaged skin cells!  
  • Vitamin sea (AKA salt water) can help to clear your pores, balance oil production and kill acne causing bacteria. Just be mindful that you should always remember to reapply your SPF when swimming to avoid any harsh sunburns.  

Strike a balance: know when to take a break 

Although it is a joyful time of year, Christmas can be dreaded by many as it brings us into more complex social situations than any other time of year. Whether you are hosting a big event, have your mother-in-law staying with you for a week or have more tasks on your to do list than hours left of the year, the Christmas period can be a source of significant stress.  

Learning to practice mindfulness techniques can be a massive asset in being able to sit back and enjoy the period. Apps like Headspace and Calm have guided meditations and mindfulness lessons to help you switch off 

Mindful gift giving 

When people think mindful gift giving, they often think about its effects on their bank account. But when we discuss mindful gift giving, we are considering the footprint the gifts we give leave on the earth – and these things can actually cost less money! Try recycling gift wrapping and bags, buying one great gift over loads of small stocking fillers, or making something from the heart.  

Take the time to check the packaging or website before you purchase to make a sustainable choice, prioritising natural ingredients, Australian made products, and recyclable packaging.  

We’ve put together some bundles this season which tick all of those boxes – so whether it’s for yourself or for a friend or family member, check them out here.    

 From all of us at Bohemian Skin we wish you and your loved ones a fun and safe Christmas x  

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