PBC EXPO- what an amazing weekend for Bohemian Skin 100% natural skincare.

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday Bohemian Skin was presented to the public in the first customer facing event in our short history and what an amazing weekend it was! 

The Pregnancy, Babies and Children's Expo has been running since 1991 and exhibits in all major cities in Australia. Bohemian Skin was lucky enough to exhibit in Brisbane this year which was a wonderful way to meet and get to know our local customer base. 

We were able to answer questions, create brand awareness and you were able to touch, smell and trial our beautiful 100% natural skincare products. 

Thanks to everyone who stopped in for a chat, to say hi and to purchase- it really does mean the world to us that you believe in our organic skincare products and holistic ethos as much as we do. 

We would love your feedback so please leave us a review on Facebook or send us an email at hello@bohemianskin.com.au.

Big love and a million thank-you's!  

The Bohemian Skin Team XX

Image of Bohemian Skin Expo stand with the founders at the front.

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