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Spring has sprung beauties! 

Put those warm Winter woolies in the spare cupboard and dig out those bright floral tops, it’s time to soak up some warmth! But before you go making the most of Spring there are a few skincare related items to tick off your to-do list. Spring comes with some hidden impacts for your skin. Don’t fret though, we’re here to help tell you what to watch out for and (bonus!) what best practices to follow during the season change.  

Scrub a Dub 

The first change you’re going to make (and this may surprise you) is to start scrubbing. You may be wondering “isn’t scrubbing just what you don’t want to do to dry skin?” but actually, it’s one of the best things you can do! Using a gentle exfoliant helps remove any dead skin cells and dry skin that may be lingering on your skin’s surface and clogging your pores.  

It’s important to note here that we don’t mean you need a heavy-duty scrub or an abrasive brush, just something gentle that removes those pesky flaky and dull looking skin cells and gives your skin a chance to breathe again. If you’re not sure what a ‘gentle exfoliator’ looks like, just check out our AHA Enzyme Exfoliant 

An exfoliant will start your Spring off right by revealing a soft and radiant glow ready for some sunshine.  

Lighten Up 

To prepare for winter you probably started layering up, and we don’t just mean clothes. When the winter months set in, the cooler weather tends to dry out your skin, meaning you have to compensate with heavier serums and moisturisers. Spring on the other hand with its increased humidity is here to put an end to (most) of that.  

One of the most important changes you need to make to our skincare routine when Spring comes around is to use lighter products. In Spring and Summer months your skin naturally holds more water, and when you heat up your face tends to sweat more, so your oil production starts to increase. As a result, those heavy creams you’ve been using to balance out that winter dryness can overwhelm your already changing skin.  

By using lighter serums and moisturisers, like our breathable yet super hydrating facial moisturiser, you’ll be giving your skin the additional hydration it needs without contributing to your extra oil production. 

Slip, Slop, Slap 

Once the sun is out in full force (finally!) it means you need to protect your skin from those harsher UV rays. Gone are those cloudy and frosty days and here comes the “I swear I wasn’t outside for that long – how can I be this red?” moments in the mirror. The new season means the SPF protection for your daily sunscreen (you have been wearing daily sunscreen, right?) needs to increase. We recommend something in the SPF 50 range to protect you from any sun damage while you’re out and about.  

Sweat it out  

As it starts to warm up, you might start to perspire more often. Sweat itself does not cause acne but sweat left on your skin until it dries can clog your pores. Make sure you use a cleanser and toner each night to remove any dried sweat, dirt and bacteria laying on your skin’s surface from your busy day frolicking around in the sun. 

Spring clean 

Another pro tip for looking after your skin this year is to make sure you pay close attention to what you’re putting on your skin outside of beauty products. Makeup removers and brushes can accumulate a load of bacteria so make sure you’re washing these regularly as the seasons transition.  

These may seem like small changes but paying close attention to weather and making sure your skincare routine follows suit makes a huge difference to your skin’s health and appearance. Removing excess skin, reducing the heaviness of your creams and increasing your sun protection will all make the weather transition easier on your skin and keep you looking flawless.  

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