The Ultimate Bohemian Skin Routine

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How to use all the Bohemian Skin products each day

Whether you’re the impulsive type, or an absolute stickler for routine, the benefits of following daily rituals each morning and night are profound, especially for your skin health.

Aside from the added bonus of really making you feel like you’ve got your life together, no matter what your skin type, a daily skincare routine will help you maintain overall skin health and boost its appearance. For those with problematic skin or specific concerns, a regular routine will also improve conditions like acne, scarring, pigmentation and dark spots.

So, if you’re looking for a natural skincare routine that is as good for you as it is for the environment, pregnancy suitable, organic AND won’t take you longer than 10 minutes we’ve got a treat for you!


Starting and ending your day with a clean slate is essential for healthy skin. Whether it’s a morning freshen up or getting rid of any unwanted nasties such as a build-up of excess oils, dirt, dead skin cells and makeup from your skin at the end of the day, we recommend a deep yet gentle cleanse using our gel cleanser. It’s water-based and free from dreaded synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and phthalates, meaning it cleans without drying your skin out.

The secret weapons in this cleanser are the combination of hempseed oil to balance sebum production naturally, and witch hazel which tightens pores for a more youthful appearance. Pairing these natural active ingredients with lactic acid, a natural and gentle AHA that can be used daily, will help to reduce breakouts and the appearance of fine lines, while brightening your complexion! Technically your skincare routine should begin at your hairline and end at your nipples, so taking this ritual to the shower at least once a day will be beneficial.

TIP: Don’t forget to rinse off with lukewarm water (not too hot!) – the hotter the temperature, the more dehydrating this will be for your skin…

Step 2: TONE

Toner sometimes gets a bad rap as a less-useful skincare step, but we think otherwise. It helps prep your skin for the hydration to come and ensures all stubborn imperfection-causing bacteria you may have missed from your cleanse are removed. The application of toner in your ethical skincare routine is essential in achieving a clear and balanced complexion.

While your skin is still wet from the steam, grab your purifying toner and apply it liberally onto a cotton pad or washable face cloth, wiping all over your face and down your décolletage in an outwards direction.

TIP: This will increase hydration and product absorption, but don’t forget to wait a couple of minutes before moving on to your next step!


While your pores are still damp from the toner, applying a hydrating serum rich in natural active skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin c will help to gently shed away any dry or dead skins to reveal a plump, hydrated and brighter complexion! These moisture-loving magic-workers also encourage collagen production – a holy grail anti-aging tool that will aid in maintaining more youthful looking skin. So, pop on a pea sized pump of our naturally formulated and Australian made Rejuvenating HY C Serum and soak up all it’s skin-loving goodness. Thanks to the added Vitamin E and Olive Leaf Extracts which prevent free radical damage and reduce inflammation, it is the perfect vegan, cruelty free hydration serum for the job.


Last up, moisturiser. Remember those AHA’s we mentioned earlier, that can also be found in our gel cleanser? Our facial moisturiser rounds out the ultimate Bohemian Skincare ritual with another dose of natural lactic acid, promoting clarity and hydration without leaving skin feeling greasy or shiny. Thanks to its comedogenic rating of zero, you don’t have to worry about overdoing it or clogging your pores, either!

TIP: Apply liberally, working it from the top of your hairline right down your décolletage to help balance your skin’s natural oil levels to give you the ultimate dewy glow.


So, there you have it! While skincare can often feel complex, our ethical, Australian made skincare range, makes implementing a fun, pampering skincare routine easy.

Natural Skincare Australia

Starting your morning with four basic skincare steps is a grounding self-care ritual that truly helps set up your face and day. Meanwhile, repeating in the evenings a-la-ritual style (hey, you may even light a nice candle and play some sweet tunes!) will bring a new, indulgent sense of luxe to bedtime that may even have you confusing your bed for a day spa. Sweet dreams, bohemian beauty!

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