Under-eye bags and dark circles: What causes them and how to get rid of them!

Whether you struggle with them daily, or they only grace you with their unwanted presence here and there; dark under-eye circles or under-eye bags are a skin ailment causing frustration across the globeThere are many reasons as to why you can wake up with tired looking eyes, but you’ll be pleased to know there are even more ways to help reduce their appearance – yay!  

Let’s take a look at what causes under-eye bags and dark circles and our top tips on how to get rid of them!   

Firstly, what causes under-eye bags/circles? 

Unfortunately, there is not just one answer to this question, and pesky dark under-eye bags and circles can occur for several reasons. Some people are more prone to have them due to their genetics or skin tone. The under-eye areas can appear darker or more purple if a person has thin or translucent under-eye skin, or for those with little fat supporting the area under the lower lid.  

However, I think we can all agree the most common cause, one many of us would be guilty of blaming dark under-eye circles on, is being sleep deprived. Although this is true and having one too many late nights can definitely cause dark circles, other factors such as high stress and too much screen time can also be the cause. Alongside this, hydration levels, diet, high alcohol consumption levels and other lifestyle factors can also be to blame. Although we cannot change our genetics, there are still things we can do to help combat dark under-eye circles and bags. 


Top tips to refresh the under-eye area under: 

1. Adjust your diet  

Diets that are high in sodium are often associated with puffy and ‘saggy’ looking under-eyes. So, by reducing our intake of salty foods, and including counteractive anti-inflammatory foods in our diet, you can improve your under-eye complexion 

Adding anti-inflammatory foods rich in vitamin C, like dark leafy greens and citrus fruits into your diet is the way to go! Staying hydrated throughout the day is also an important factor in achieving refreshed and youthful under-eyes. We recommend drinking at least 2 litres a day. 

2. Get some more beauty sleep! 

Making sure you achieve the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep every single night is one way to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles. One thing we may not factor into our sleeping routine is the position we fall asleep in; this greatly effects the state in which your eyes are in when you wake. By sleeping on your back, with your head in an elevated position you are working towards keeping that puffiness at bay.  

3. Include an eye-cream in your daily skincare routine 

Super easy and very effective – include an eye cream in your daily skincare routine. Patting an eye cream gently in you under-eye area daily will help prevent the signs of ageing and dark circles. We recommend our Bright Eyes Cream.  Our Bright Eyes Cream contains Kakadu plum which is rich in vitamin C, E, folic acid and carotenoids - this combo of ingredients work to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Our cream also contains hyaluronic acid, olive leaf extract and moth bean extract which all work together to hydrate the area, stimulate collagen production and enhance circulation, leading to a firmer and radiant under-eye area.  

Alongside using the appropriate products, make sure you are being gentle with any makeup removers you use in the area. Using harsh products and rough towels on the sensitive under-eye area can cause irritation and inflammation that can lead to long-term sagging. We recommend using a soft reusable microfibre makeup wipe, like our Makeup Remover Swipey 

4. Tea bags  

I’m sure you have heard of this one and we are here to tell you that, yes popping tea bags on your eyes can reduce the dark circles and/or under-eye bags! Caffeinated tea bags contain powerful antioxidants that increase blood flow to your skin which helps reduce inflammation. Put two bags in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, let them chill in the fridge for 20 minutes and then pop them on your eyes for 15 – 20 minutes. TIP: When placing on the eye, squeeze the bags slightly so some of the liquid can sit on the eye.  

5. Cucumber Eyes  

Ah, the perfect addition to a relaxing at-home facial! While your Bohemian Skin face mask is gracing your face with some needed lovin’, really experience some self-care by placing cooled slices of cucumber on your eyes. Cucumber contains vitamin C and folic acid and works to hydrate the eye area reducing dark circles and puffiness.  

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