What Is Certified Organic Skincare?

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This week we’ve been busy celebrating National Organic Week by raising awareness of all of the amazing benefits of choosing certified organic products.

In a crazy world where companies are allowed to falsely claim that their products are organic, it’s important to understand the difference between organic versus certified organic skincare.
Because almost any company can claim organic on their packaging even if the product is filled with non-organic ingredients, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients, the term organic has become somewhat ambiguous. In an attempt to battle this form of greenwashing the organic certification was created. 

What Does Certified Organic Mean? 

Certified organic skincare products are those that have been certified as comprising organic ingredients by regulatory bodies such as Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and the Organic Food Chain (OFC). These bodies set production rules and strict measures for companies to adhere to in order to attain organic certification. 

This means that consumers are able to ensure a certain level of credibility from brands that what they are purchasing and ultimately consuming is safe and free from any toxic ingredients. 

At Bohemian Skin, our products are made with certified organic ingredients meaning they are 100% natural and have 70% or more certified organic ingredients. At the moment, OFC is our main certifier although we do have ACO certification as well. 

Why Choose Certified Organic Skincare? 

Companies within the skincare industry will continue to create products using toxic ingredients as long as we keep buying them. With so many great organic skincare options out there it’s never been more important to support these brands trying to make a difference. 

As a small Australia owned business, we’d like to see more consumers reading the labels of their products do their own research into what they are putting on their skin. Ultimately, we’d like to see everyone choosing products that don’t pollute our bodies or the environment, aren’t tested on animals and are made locally. 

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