Why Do I Need to Cleanse and Tone? What Do They Do?

Why Do I Need to Cleanse and Tone? What Do They Do? - witch hazel toner - best toners - natural face cleanser - best cleanser organic

What do face toners and face cleansers do for my skin?

Achieving a healthy and radiant complexion doesn’t come naturally to everyone (except those blessed humans) but generally for most of us it takes some work. 

Luckily, it’s as easy as making sure you are including these two holy grail steps as part of your daily skincare regime: CLEANSING AND TONING! Cleansing and toning are KEY in achieving healthy skin! Now you might ask, why both? What will it do for my skin? Well we’ve got the insights as to why both cleansing and toning is an absolute must.

Why Cleanse?

An integral building block to a healthy skincare regime is cleansing. Cleansing is one of the easiest and most important elements to maintaining healthy radiant skin! 

When you add a cleanser into your everyday routine, you are removing excess oils, dead skin cells, makeup residue and all other nasties from your skin’s surface which are usually the pore clogging and breakout causing culprits! Cleansing also helps smooth the skin texture and aid in overall radiance. More specifically, the natural products found in our gel cleanser will help your skin balance sebum (oil) production without clogging pores, limit imperfections and keep your skin hydrated. The all-natural ingredients used aids in reducing inflammation and tightens pores to give a more youthful, clear appearance.

By simply washing your face morning and night and giving it a little scrub with a cleanser, you will be able to sit back and watch the cleanser work its magic, before following the rest of your routine, to promote incredible overall healthy and radiant skin. 

Why Tone?

Now that you’ve washed your face and removed any dirt, oil and other unwanted debris, it’s time for the next step, toner. Toner is often a forgotten step, but it is paramount for achieving healthy skin.  

When you tone your skin, the first thing you are doing is removing any stubborn nasties left behind by a cleanser. From here the active ingredients found in our purifying toner helps purify the skin and remove bacteria that causes imperfections and restores your skins delicate pH balance, resulting in less inflammation and tighter pores to promote a clearer appearance. Another bonus to toning – its sets the skin up to absorb moisture, so the common myth that toning dries out the skin is incorrect, it is actually a hydrating hero!

Overall, after both cleansing and toning you will be left with squeaky clean, nourished, hydrated skin. 

Why both?

Just like brushing your hair, or cleaning your teeth, cleansing and toning your skin should become a normal part of your everyday routine. In making sure you have the perfect skincare regime it is important to remember that not one product can do everything, and one does not work as well without the other. Cleansing and toning both aid in achieving a healthy and radiant complexion. They are like two peas in a pod!

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