Why We Don’t Use Aloe Vera In Our Skincare

Avoiding aloe vera - is aloe vera bad for pregnant mothers? best skincare insights

As mothers, we’re always striving to protect and nourish our children - and this starts in the womb. The long list of foods we’re told to avoid during pregnancy is common knowledge, but what about the products and ingredients that you should be avoiding to protect your baby? 

The importance of a pregnancy-safe skincare routine 

You may not even realise that when you’re applying your new fancy moisturiser, every single ingredient in that product is absorbed into your bloodstream which is then passed through the placenta and onto your baby. So, it makes sense that you’d only want to expose your baby to the safest ingredients possible.

At Bohemian Skin, we developed our entire skincare range with the goal of being 100% pregnancy safe, and because of this, we err on the side of precaution with the ingredients that we use throughout our range. 

Why You Should Avoid Aloe Vera During Pregnancy

One no-go ingredient that might surprise you is the poster girl for natural ingredients: aloe vera. This seemingly natural ingredient has earnt itself a lot of conflicting information regarding its use in skincare during pregnancy. Because of this, we chose to formulate our products without aloe vera. 

Aloe vera actually contains salicylic acid, one of the commonly known ingredients to be unsafe for use during pregnancy. There has also been a number of studies done on gestating mice which have concluded undesirable fetal outcomes including a 2017 study entitled Biologic Effects Of Aloe Vera Extract On Balb/C Mice Embryos by Darabi S. and Torabzadeh P. which concluded Aloe Vera extract can be teratogen and harmful during pregnancy. 

Bohemian Skin - Advanced Formulas for Pregnant Mothers

You can be confident in using Bohemian Skin through any stage of life, knowing that it does not contain ingredients that can be potentially harmful. Our products are all-natural, made from Australian certified organic ingredients and pregnancy suitable, all while still being effective in treating skin conditions such as acne, aging and dryness. 

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