Why You Should Be Choosing Cruelty-Free Skincare

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With so many things to be looking out for on our skincare labels it can sometimes be tricky to determine which ones are actually important. From natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty free it’s important to shop for skincare based on your own personal ethics.

At Bohemian Skin, we think it’s pretty darn crazy to be putting products full of chemicals on your skin, and even more so when you know the harsh truth of the animal testing that went into that product landing on your shelf.

Animal Testing Is Harmful 

Let’s start with the most obvious reason to make the switch to vegan and cruelty free skincare: animal testing is cruel. When a company chooses to test its products on animals it is subjecting animals to tests that are cruel, painful and unnecessary so that their products can be deemed safe for human use. 

We don’t think it’s fair that animals are subjected to a life of pain and suffering just for us to have a fancy new moisturiser. It really is that simple.

Animal Testing is Unnecessary

The concept of animal testing is to ensure that products are safe enough for human use, but in 2021 this is an extremely outdated concept.

The truth is that there are thousands of existing ingredients with readily available safety data which can be used to develop new products. It is only when a company wants to use untested ingredients that animal testing becomes necessary. Even then, there are so many alternatives to animal testing to ensure ingredient safety, so in this day and age animal testing should be wholly unethical and unacceptable.

There Are Better Options Out There

Ten years ago it may have been a case of going to your local health food store to find products that were cruelty-free, vegan and organic. Nowadays it’s so easy to find products that match your own ethical beliefs.

Making the switch to cruelty free skincare is not only easy but it also means that you’ll be using products from conscious companies that are likely using higher quality ingredients and formulations.

You Can Make Change With Your Choices  

Sometimes it feels hard to make any significant changes in the world, but we’ve seen in recent times that consumer votes have the power to cause great positive change with the rise of zero waste and vegan products.

By supporting cruelty-free companies instead of those who choose to test on animals, you're sending the whole beauty industry a message that you will not support animal testing. And if enough consumers say no to companies that test on animals, we can truly make a change and influence the future of the skincare industry.

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