Winter Skin Survival Guide

We’re oh so excited to welcome in the new season with lots of evenings by the fireplace, warm coffee in the brisk mornings and snuggling up in our cosiest pyjamas. What we’re not so excited about is the cooler weather and nippy winds bringing dull and dehydrated skin with them. 

To help you keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated and protected throughout this winter, make sure you’re following these 3 simple to follow seasonal skincare tips! 

Rule #1: Hydration Is Key 

Skin in winter: unpredictable and needy. If your skin's relationship status feels a little like this it’s important to include a versatile everyday hydrator that works hard to quench your skin’s thirst whilst not overwhelming it. Enter, our Natural Facial Moisturiser. 

The cooler winter air literally sucks the moisture out of your skin, leaving it feeling flaky, itchy and dry. Our 100% natural and cruelty-free moisturiser was created to be your favourite cashmere sweater in cream form. Made with the active ingredients of Hempseed Oil, Witch Hazel and Lactic Acid to hydrate and replenish and offer immediate relief to dry skin in need. Because hydrated skin = happy skin. 

Rule #2: Supplement To Glow From The Inside Out 

The start of winter usually means that it’s time to up your Vitamin D intake. UVB rays are the main source of Vitamin D but if you’re struggling to get any this time of the year then make sure to include Vitamin D rich foods like oily fish, cod liver oil, eggs and mushrooms into your diet, or find a supplement that suits you.

Rule 3#: Step Up Your Mask Game 

Winter can be hard on your skin, and sometimes you just need to hit the refresh button. With the freezing winds and skin-drying indoor heating, it’s important to give your skin an extra dose of love with a bi-weekly face mask. 

Our Facial Mask is our go-to antidote for dull and dried out winter skin. Boasting a collection of active natural supportive ingredients, including Kaolin Clay, Hempseed Oil and Bentonite Clay, to replenish and balance the skin. 

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