About Bohemian Skin

Bohemian Skin has been born out of the lack of access to and confusion about ingredients in skin care products; what is safe and unsafe for our bodies and the harmful effects chemicals within skin care can have on us, the environment and even to babies in utero. Our aim at Bohemian Skin is to provide every body at every stage of life with an effective range of skin care that can be used without fear of what it might be doing to your body and beneath the skin; a concern for all modern people.

Why Bohemian Skin?

Bohemian Skin is obsessed with safe skin care and has been developed for the skin care market to be the first Australian made and owned skin care products that are 100% suitable before, during and after pregnancy to cover all women throughout their whole life. Did you also know we have a big customer base of men and teens who use our products too?!

Originally we began with pregnancy as our primary focus as when you first find out you are pregnant you become overwhelmed by things you shouldn’t be doing or using and when you look at your skin care products you will see many ingredients that are considered unsafe, even on some ‘pregnancy suitable’ products. While this is still a big focus for Bohemian Skin and we are proud to say all of our products are pregnancy and breastfeeding suitable we found that more and more people are becoming aware of the harmful affects chemicals found in skin care products can have on their overall health. We now market ourselves as products that can be used by all with a bonus that they are suitable during pregnancy. 

Our range has been developed by chemists in the highest standard of manufacturing facility using only the highest quality Australian Certified Organic ingredients to ensure the best for you and your skin. This means that we have excluded Aloe Vera, synthetic paraben preservatives, phthalates, sulphates and artificial dyes and fragrances all which have links to birth defects but are still common ingredients in skin care. Bohemian Skin will continue to bring all the products that your body needs to the market.

You are exposed to so many chemicals daily, none of which you want to adversely affect your body let alone transfer to your unborn child so if you want a skin care range that you can trust and rely on throughout life, Bohemian Skin is going to meet all of your needs and make you feel amazing inside and out!