Australian Skincare Products

When you do your shopping, are you trying to buy locally-manufactured products as often as you can? Why is it important to buy local products?

Three reasons to buy 100% Australian skincare products!

Here are three great reasons to buy skincare (and other) products that are made locally.

1. Reduce your carbon footprint! Buying local products means there is less shipping involved in getting the product to your doorstep. As we all know, huge tankers, the way most products get to our country, generate an enormous amount of CO2. Buying locally means you avoid that CO2 being on your conscience.

2. Know what you're getting! Australia has some of the toughest employment and manufacturing regulations on the planet. When you buy locally made products, you can be sure they aren't being made in sweatshops and that the ingredients, if they are also Australian made, are going to be of the highest quality.

3. Support Aussie manufacturers! We live in an era where a relatively small handful of enormous companies are gobbling up the world and sending jobs and profits (and taxes) overseas. By supporting small, Aussie manufacturers, you are helping keep jobs in Australia. It's especially good to buy direct, cutting out the middlemen, who often take more than their fair share of the profit.

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