Acne Skincare Products

Most of us suffer from acne breakouts, even after puberty is well and truly in the rear view mirror. Lots of things can contribute to it - diet, stress, hormones - and it can have an impact on our self-esteem. I’ve never had great skin, all through my teenage years I struggled with acne and even did a course of roaccutane which was absolute hell and only cleared my skin for a short time before my acne returned again. I thought surely my skin would calm down with age - I was no longer a teenager, I shouldn’t have had acne but despite trying countless treatments, products and remedies (you name it I gave it a go) my acne remained and I realised that adult acne was a struggle I had to endure.

Fast forward to becoming pregnant nothing I had ever been using was I happy to use while growing our precious boy and in passing I mentioned to Keenan that I wish there were products out there that could help my skin AND be used while pregnant. Keenan being the risk taker in our relationship said “well let’s make our own” and thus begun the research and development process to bring our beautiful range to you all. Looking back on photos I actually forgot how bad my skin was before I started sampling formulas and religiously using our products.

My skin is definitely not perfect, I have scarring and still get breakouts here and there but after well over a decade of red, irritated cystic acne prone skin I am so so thankful Keenan believed in my idea and jumped into the world of owing and operating our skincare business together. The amazing feedback we get from our beautiful customers absolutely makes the many years of suffering with self confidence issues because of the state of my skin 100% worthwhile. Without having struggled with acne, Bohemain Skin would never have been born and we never would have had the opportunity to connect with such an incredible group of people.

Apart from using our products as part of a good daily skincare routine, you can also try out our Spot Assist which contains:

  • Colloidal Sulphur: an acne fighter that promotes cell turnover eliminating and preventing acne causing bacteria. Drys out existing blemishes while exfoliating dry patches to great a clear and smooth complexion.
  • Hempseed Oil: helps skin balance sebum (oil) production without clogging pores (comedogenic rating of 0) which means less imperfections and hydrates without shine.
  • Witch Hazel: reduces inflammation and tightens pores to give a youthful, clear appearance.
  • Lactic Acid: reduces breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

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