6 Healthy Habits To Try Out in 2022

Here’s a little  ✨Positivity Booster 

Did you know that our thoughts create our emotions? 

Since we actually have control over our thoughts (yes, we really do - even though it’s hard to believe sometimes), we also have the power to start our day on a super positive note each and every day. 

To help everyone through this resurgence of isolation, here are some of the key practices we’ll be employing day to day. Enjoy!

Try Remembering Your Dreams

We’re all dreamers at heart. An engaging practice to kick your day off with (and a WAY healthier habit than scrolling through IG first-thing) is to try to remember your dreams. Write them down in a notepad and reflect on them from time to time. 

It’s not only fun to do, but writing down dreams has been known to reduce stress and boost creative thinking. Can you just imagine cooking up the latest Twilight Saga plotline with your eyes closed?! Yes, that really happened. + You’ll feel like you’ve achieved something and you’re not even outta bed yet!

Practise Self Care & Take Your Time With It

Enjoy your you-time. Here is our morning skincare routine…

daily self care routines for 2022 - bohemian skincare products no more acne best skincare australia

Make A Smoothie

As we all know, the food we put into our beautiful bodies is just as vital as all of the skincare that we lather on our skin each day. Here are 4 of our favourite vegan smoothie recipes aimed to improve collagen production, assist with gut health and clear the skin from within: 

Glow Getting Smoothie Recipes 

For Your Mind & Body

Set boundaries - 

Be conscious of how you might be vulnerable to “groupthink”— pressures to behave or think in ways that are contrary to your values. Listening to others is important, but not everything said is something you need to personally take on. 

Reduce screen time -

Have trouble concentrating or remembering important things? Practice going to quiet and screen-free spaces to escape overstimulation. Take a walk in the park, turn off your phone notifications while you work, have lunch in quiet places. These are all good ways to restore depleted attention in your brain so you can concentrate better later.

Have a stretch - 

If you're deep at work, or a little stiff from lounging around, set a timer to go off (we recommend hourly) and remind yourself to take a moment to assess your mood. If you’re feeling stuck, listless or overwhelmed, it might be time to move. Here are some stretches we’ve found helpful for working from home:

best stretches for working from home - bohemian skin healthy routines for good health - natural skincare australia

*image cred: Shape Magazine

Welcome Each New Day with Love in Your Heart 

set good intentions - bohemian skin natural skincare australia best organic skincare range - acne skincare

Read Something

There are so many benefits to reading. Research shows that regular reading improves brain connectivity, increases your vocabulary, helps you prepare for sleep and reduces stress among other things. Here are some of our founder’s top picks:

‘Great breathwork book. Written by a journalist, so a really entertaining read also.’ - Morgan


‘A good one for productivity
and routine.’
- Morgan


‘Lovely read for new Mums, discovering yourself in motherhood.’ - Morgan


‘A beautiful collective of Brisbane love stories. One of my favourite authors too!’ - Morgan



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