How can I clear my skin, fast?!

How to clear up bad skin, fast

Plump, glowing, bright skin is the dream, amiright’? What’s not is a cluster of bumps the day before a big event! Beat the breakout this festive season and say hello to clear skin in a matter of days with these proven skincare hacks that will have you flaunting your best self at your next big event.   

Leave your skin be 

As tempting as it might be to pick your skin, avoid it! This can cause permanent scarring and even promote further breakouts. When you pick at your skin, you’re actually disrupting the skin and creating an open wound where there wasn’t one initially. What does this mean? It means your open wound allows for bacteria to enter, which can then lead to an infection. In other words, leave your skin be! 

Hydration is your friend 

If you feel a breakout coming on or are seeing the early signs of some unwanted bumps, up your hydration to help beat the breakout! Dry and dehydrated skin can trigger excess oil production, which can then lead to breakouts. If you’re looking for other ways to hydrate your skin, check out our recent blog post on Simple Ways to Hydrate your Skin.  

Don’t skip out on the moisturiser  

Already feeling a little…oily? You may be tempted to skip out on your usual morning and night moisturise thanks to your acne-prone skin, but we’re here to urge you not to! When you’re breaking out, or feel one coming on, it’s best to opt for an oil-free, lightweight formular that won’t block your pores, but will keep your skin healthy. Our Facial Moisturiser is formulated with safe and natural active ingredients including Hempseed Oil, Witch Hazel and Lactic Acid, all of which help to promote clarity and hydration without leaving skin feeling greasy and shiny!  

Ice, Ice Baby  

A fast, affordable and effective way to help beat the bumps is ice! Wrap an ice cube in a cloth and apply to the position of your rising spot. Hold it here for a three to four minutes to help relieve pain and swelling. The perfect and cost-effective solution hours before an event, though it can cause a temporary, slight redness of the area so make sure you leave enough time for the redness to fade before rushing out the door looking like a snack 

Bohemian Skin Spot Assist Pimple & Acne Cream

Formulated with Colloidal Sulphur, our Spot Assist helps to target and banish blemishes, fast! With active ingredients such as Colloidal Sulphur, which is an acne fighter that promotes cell turnover eliminating and preventing acne causing bacteria, Bohemian Skin Spot Assist helps to dry out existing blemishes while exfoliating dry patches to promote new fresh skin.

The added bonusIt’s made free from synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and all that other nasty stuff!  

Don’t over exfoliate!  

While we know you all love our AHA Enzyme Exfoliant, that doesn’t mean you should overuse it the first sight of a pimple! This can actually do more harm than good! Over exfoliation can cause redness, irritation and inflammation, especially when combined with an open wound such as a pimple. Stick to your regular 2-3 times a week and fight the temptation to scrub away your breakout.  


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