Three Skincare Mistakes You Might Be Making


skin care faux pas

The world of skin health and skincare can be confusing! There are so many products and so many to-do’s and differing opinions that it can be easy to get lost. But, it is so important to understand that everyone is different meaning that everyone’s skin is different! What works for you won’t necessarily work for the next person, so it is all about working out what skincare routine and products YOUR skin needs. In terms of what not to do, this can also be a case-by-case basis HOWEVER we are here today to go through THREE skincare NO-NOs that apply to everyone!   

1. Not applying enough sunscreen throughout the day  

Especially for those who are living in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s not new news - sunscreen is a must. But it is often forgotten that it should be applied 15 minutes before you leave the house, and reapplied every two hours to ensure that your skin is always protectedSo, keep on applying your sunscreen to not only prevent your skin from looking like a tomato, but also to keep that wrinkle-free, youthful looking skin that everyone will envy!  

2. Forgetting to use a toner  

Poor toner, often the most forgotten skincare product but we don’t know why – it is so great for your skin health! Toner should be the very next thing that is applied to your skin after cleansing. It rids the skins surface from stubborn bacteria, dead skin cells, excess oil and other debris like dirt and residual makeup that didn’t budge during your cleanse (who knew your skin could still be dirty after cleansing?... Toner did.. Toner knew all along). Toner also preps the skin for ultimate product absorption, so toner the real MVP is helping your skincare routine be as effective as possible! And.. we aren’t done with the benefits of toner, it also restores your skin’s pH balance which improves your skin tone.  

If you have yet to find a perfect toner for your skin, try our Purifying TonerLike all of our other products, the Purifying Toner is organic and is only made of natural goodies.  

3. Poor diet 

2020 was a hard year to eat healthy, let’s be real! The fridge was only a few steps away from our desk (or bed), and lockdown was a valid excuse to order pizza a few times a week. However, if you want to have that clear, acne-free skin, you might have to cut down on junk and alternate it with some healthier optionsBut don’t you worry, we promise there are some delicious options! See our blogs on ‘Healthy snacks that LOVE your skin’ and ‘Find out what certain foods are doing to your skin’ .  

If you had the chance to try our products, let us know how much you loved it here!   

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