What’s to come for 2021 Skincare Trends

2020 taught us many lessons, alongside the importance of prioritising your health and wellbeing, we saw major shifts in the beauty world. With our usual routines turned on their head, and the non-existence of our regular beauty appointments, we’ve learnt to adapt to the new beauty landscape.

So, with what we’ve learnt in 2020 and the new way of the world, what can we expect in 2021 for our beloved skincare regimes?

  1. Hand Care

Hand care is something we all tend to push to the bottom of the skin-care to-do list and often just forget about all together! But, the surge in hand-washing and sanitising during COVID has brought hand care to the forefront of our beauty-centred minds. In 2021, in order to maintain nourished and wrinkle free hands, incorporating a hand cream will be one of the hottest skincare trends of the year. Typically packed with ingredients that are designed to replace the oils in your skin and protect you from moisture loss, it’s the perfect way to rejuvenate your tips! Say hello to pocket-sized hand creams and an ever-present tube on your colleague’s desk!

  1. Maskne Skincare

*Maskne “acne mechanica” – is pimples located in areas where your face mask sits on your face.

Haven’t you heard; masks are the accessory of the year! While they are just the way of our world at the moment, many of us struggle with the breakouts and the irritation they cause to our skin. Caused primarily from clogged pores, the build-up of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria directly effects your skin health. Also, friction from the mask can lead to skin irritation and redness.

With no sign of masks exiting our day to day lives, let’s take a look at how we can treat or prevent maskne!

  • Wash your face regularly - morning, night and after excessive sweating
  • Take a break from wearing makeup daily - this can clog your pores further
  • Wash your fabric masks regularly (once a week doesn’t cut it folks!)
  • Keep up your moisturiser, and if you can, apply before fitting your mask to help hydrate your skin
  1. Preventative skincare

It really is never too early to start taking care of your skin- in fact, we highly recommend it. When you’re young, often prevention isn’t your main priority, however everything from harsh weather to sun exposure can contribute to early signs or ageing. With many products designed to help prevent fine lines and increase collagen production, 2021 is the year to bring back the baby skin!

Our key tips for prevention this year?

  • Don’t dismiss the importance of your diet and exercise. Often, we reach for an expensive serum or intense moisturiser, however fuelling your body from the inside out can be the medicine you’re desperately needing.
  • Invest in your skincare! With some trial and error, you will find the perfect regime that works for you and your skin. As you get older, rather than replace, add to your routine to help fight the signs of ageing. Our fave anti-ageing product, is our Rejuvenating HY C Serum! Packed full of anti-ageing powerhouse ingredients including, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, celery extract, sea buckthorn oil and olive lead extract, this serum will help you achieve that plump, youthful and radiant complexion you have been searching for.
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Directly hydrating the skin helps to seal the skin and maintain moisture, resulting in smoother, hydrated skin. Our Bohemian Skin Facial Moisturiser helps to promote clarity, without leaving your skin feeling greasy or shiny.
  1. SPF

That’s hot! And we don’t mean the weather. Along with preventatives and early intervention skincare, we have already seen a surge in sun safe skincare. SPF has been reintroduced into many skincare regimes, with more awareness around the ramifications of sun damage present. With a strong focus on youthful skin, we’ve seen a huge shift in the glorification of sun tanning, instead the attention has shifted to the effects of too much sun exposure. Here’s to the end of sunspots and fine-line-free skin!

  1. Homecare

As many beauty clinic pivot to touchless treatments or home care kits, we see this trend continuing in 2021. Masking at home, DIY lymphatic drainage facial massages and portable LED masks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to at-home-skincare. We suggest reaching out to your trusted beautician for their recommended approach that will suit your current skin concerns and routine.


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