Oily Skin Skincare Products

A common misconception is if you have oily skin you do not need to moisturise - which is completely the wrong advice!! Regardless of your skin type, moisturiser is essential as it helps to balance the natural oils and pH of your skin. You will find that oily skin is often the result of not enough moisture. Dehydrated skin tries to compensate with its lack of moisture by producing excess oil. It is a vicious cycle until you start to work with your skin by moisturising and not stripping natural oils.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should only use products that are noncomedogenic (such as our main ingredient hemp seed oil) and apply moisturizer daily. Check out the AAD page for a list of other tips for managing oily skin, such as not not touching your face during the day (to avoid putting oil and dirt from your fingers onto your face) and to wear oil-free, water-based makeup.

Read more about our range and how to use organic skincare as part of your daily (morning and night) routine.

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